Welcome to our health column with Adeola

health talk with Adeola

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read from me again. Special thanks to Bimbo, my friend, and master bloggist for allowing a hopefully useful interaction on her platform.

I am Adeola, a GP in the UK. I aim to discuss some common and general everyday health concerns that can be treated safely by self-care and some lifestyle adjustments.

I also think we could have even much more beneficial interactive sessions by answering your questions about health and well being rather than only delivering random information.

I will endeavour to be as helpful as I can but it wouldn’t be a consultation. Any consultation, treatment and professional responsibility for your health management will have to be with your own doctor.  I will just be providing general advice and signposting on whether to seek professional help or give simple specific health advice if appropriate.

It won’t at any time replace your doctor’s decisions and treatment as only your doctor will have access to your full medical profile to make a complete judgment about your individual health concerns.

Welcome to an interaction I hope we will all find relevant and useful.

Adeola .


Mini-series for the win

Miniseries for the wim

I watched the last episode of ‘The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair’ last night and I was really surprised at how the drama unfolded. It was very intriguing from the start, very close to how I felt when watching ‘The Night Of’.

I could go on and on name dropping really great mini-series that I’ve seen lately!


Is there a tv take-over?

I unwind daily by settling with hubby to catch up on our numerous Tv shows.

The shows keep getting better and better and we’re seeing more of the big movie stars on tv now. I suspect this is happening because of the following reasons;

  1. The stories are more original and can be twisted or changed in a different direction. They have enough time to develop characters.
  2. Production is getting better, the sets are bigger, some as big as a movie set. An example is Game of Thrones.
  3. Viewers connect more with characters from Tv shows because of the length of time involved.
  4. Television screens are also getting better with better visuals and display. The surround system for most televisions are fantastic, and you can have a movie experience in the comfort of your home with a good sound system.
  5. Most movies these days are more appealing to teenagers and young adults leaving a gap for our generation which Tv is gladly filling.
  6. The arrival of Netflix, Amazon and other similar companies, have made it more attractive. You can get access to Tv shows and watch all episodes at once. They are also now commissioning their own shows and spending a lot of money on production too an example is House Of Cards’.
  7. The cable companies are also making movies available on different packages or rental, making everything available at our convenience.

Though we still find time to go to the cinema with the kids, we prefer to watch our movies at home now, just like tv shows – which I love so much, especially the mini-series. It helps that you can record the shows and watch at once.

I have little patience for watching weekly episodes, so we record and watch it all at the end of the season. We just stay away from news about the shows to avoid spoilers. There are so many of them now, so there’s always something to watch.

So, what do you like watching, I like GOT, walking dead, the affair, Ray Donovan, Billions…. too many to mention.


What’re you watching😉


Photo of the day

Photo of the day

This compelling image was being circulated on social media yesterday, and like everyone else, I was captivated by it. It’s a picture that speaks volumes – no wonder its been going around. I took some important lessons from it and they include;

  • No matter how bad you fall, you can still rise up and be better off than when you fell.
  • Whenever you fall or find yourself falling, stay rooted. Then getting back up won’t be too difficult or impossible.

Personally, I feel the last point is the most important. Reason being that a closer inspection of the fallen tree will reveal its roots still connected to the ground. This is why 5 lovely trees could come from it.

Never give up

So beautiful people am not praying we fall, but when we do or find ourselves falling – could be from a business, career etc. Don’t lose hope, you will still rise again, even better and bigger but remember to stay rooted.

Don’t cut yourself from everyone, at least stay connected to one or two positive influences and most importantly, to your God.

This tree, though fallen, still flourished and most importantly grew in different directions. Don’t forget to help others too, remember we rise by lifting others.


Christmas list

Christmas list

A visit to the mall over the weekend had me amazed at the new look all the stores were wearing. Just a few days before, the stores all had Halloween decorations, and now you’ll think its Christmas already🎄!

You have to give it to these businesses though, they don’t mess around. Everything is all about sales, and so every celebration has been over commercialized. It does work though, cause the boys and I were excited.

2019 List

The outing got me thinking about the boys’ Christmas list. Oh yes, we have our list already 😆, actually, my eldest wrote the lists since September 😲! I’m pretty sure he’ll be ready for an update now.

We had to go into a toy store to buy gifts for some of their friends, I had no choice but to take them 🙄. But they behaved, at least no one cried out of the store 🤗, well maybe Because my littlest had this weird belief that they could have a go at the gifts we bought.

Anyway, thankfully, we came out in one piece 😚. So have your children or wards written their lists yet? And that brings me to the next question……

Is Santa Real?

For those of us who celebrate Christmas, do your children still believe in Santa? Or did they ever think the whole Santa story is real?

The boys already know Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus. But we still let them get into the holiday excitement.  My eldest believed the Santa story until we told him earlier this year. His dad and I agreed that age 7 is mature enough to outgrow all these fantasies.

He took it well, even laughed about it. I couldn’t help but think back at how excited he was last year to see that Santa drank the milk he left him. I did enjoy the milk though 😚 and the chocolate cake too as the in-house Santa (I did all the wrapping and decorating so that was a good reward) 😉.

He’s been trying to tell his younger brother that Santa is made up! I’ve had to stop him cause I want his brother to enjoy this innocent period for as long as possible. But as it’s often said, ‘the younger ones grow faster’. I’m sure he’ll still tell him when I’m not with them. – They always talk in bed before they fall asleep. It leaves me wondering what they discuss🤔, but always too relieved they’re in bed to bother eavesdropping 😊.

Do your children still believe in any of the fantasies? Tooth fairy or any other? We also told the big guy about tooth fairy this year, hmm, that’s a lot of growing up for one year!

So Christmas is just around the corner, the excitement is building up already! I was filling the family planner for November and most of the school events are already Christmas based! By the way, I noticed a lot of sales on toys, so I think this is a good time to buy presents for family and friends. let the shopping begin.

How’re you shopping 😉


Photo of the day


We love Animals 😊

Credits:  @ronnaldong