Thanks for your interest in the “Mum, My Superhero” book.


The book is available online from Waterstones, Foyles, Amazon and troubadour websites. Just Click on any of the stores listed above and follow the link.

The ebook will be available from Google Play, Amazon, and iBooks. 


Mum, My Superhero has to be the best book I’ve read about the realities of motherhood.
Written in simple language, and clearly from the heart of a mother, the book documents the daily sacrifices and the never-ending jobs of mothers across the world. It also captures our struggles and skills of time and people management we seem to have been born with…in a fun way too!
If ever you could take a break from ‘duty’ and bask in the cape of a superhero so deserved, or simply for the pleasure of reading a good book, then this is the book to pick up.

Mrs Morenike St. Michael (Head, Pastoral care and Admin Springhall British School).