Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


I recently read that the retail store ‘TK Maxx’ had to pull a range of products that many felt trivialized obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

The Christmas themed kitchenware featured slogans like’ I have O.C.D… Obsessive Christmas Disorder. This upset some customers and caused a backlash from charity campaigners.

Am sure a lot of us will be wondering why a harmless festive slogan will cause such reactions. I wondered about it too and have since gotten information on what OCD really is. Thanks to my  BBC London radio shows as well as my personal research.

What is OCD?

A lot of us have heard of OCD before and use the word loosely because of our lack of in-depth knowledge of what it really is.

The NHS website describes it as ‘a common mental health condition in which a person has obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours’. It affects men, women, and children and interestingly can develop at any stage.

I listened to a lady on the radio who said hers started postpartum. She started having compelling thoughts about harming her baby. She, of course, loves her baby and was deeply troubled and disturbed about the thoughts. Luckily she got help and has been given medication and advise on how to manage it.


  1. unwanted and unpleasant repeated thoughts or images, worries or doubt.
  2. Repetitive behaviour or mental act that an individual feels the need to carry out to reduce anxiety caused by obsession.

According to the OCD-UK website, There are 5 main types

  • Checking
  • Contamination
  • Symmetry and ordering
  • Ruminations/Intrusive Thoughts
  • Hoarding

Many of us have used the term OCD loosely. We often refer to a very clean or neat person or some other compulsive action as OCD. They may actually be a symptom, but are not necessarily OCD in the instance it’s been used. I listened to another caller who always felt the need to clean herself that she would take a shower sometimes lasting about 21/2 hours.

It’s more serious than being clean or orderly. We should please show some respect to people living with it by not referring to our ‘clean selves’ as being OCD. It is a devastating mental health condition and shouldn’t be used trivially as people suffering it find it offensive when it is done.

Another caller spoke of how he struggled with the thoughts for a long time and was almost suicidal. He thought he was going mad but subsequently got help.

If you find yourself having any obsessive thoughts please do not be ashamed or embarrassed, please seek help! Talk to your Dr. about it, you can also reach out to support groups or organisations like the OCD-UK, OCD ACTION etc.


My post today is a layman’s view but please don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions. Our in-house doctor, Dr. Adeola will be able to respond appropriately.

The ‘TK MAXX’ management responded swiftly pulling the products and apologising saying ‘it was never their intention to cause offense’.




These are a few of my favourite things..

Favourite things

🎵Flashcards and hand cream, window blinds and planners… these are a few of my favourite things 🎵… good old ‘Sound of Music’.

I Bought and was given some really good stuff this year 😊.

As the year draws to a close – especially as I’m not planning on getting anything special again, oh well, except l’m surprised, or I can afford to buy me a new hot body 😜. Jokes apart, here are my favourite items of 2018, they may seem inconsequential to some people, but they absolutely rocked my 2018.

  1. Collins Frequency words Flashcards: I bought this product to help my youngest kick off his reading. His teacher was writing words to learn on little cards and that made me go looking for something to help him. These cards were a hit. My son loves them and he is always eager to blend the words and read.
  2. Ikea Block-out Pleated Blind; I went looking for these when the boys started waking us up too early this summer. I’d visited a few fabric stores and checked online but all that I saw were too pricey. Thanks to Ikea, we got a few minutes extra sleep this summer and it was very affordable and easy to put up. Despite delivery mix-up and their crappy customer service 🙄, this is a product I am still enjoying and I recommend.
  3. Costco Aluminium Foil; If you’re a big foil user like me, you need to get this heavy duty foil from Costco or something similar. I use foil ALOT! I grill or roast almost everything and I use it to steam my Jollof-rice and moi-moi. Basically, I can’t function in the Kitchen without foil. After 2 years of buying foil almost every week, decided to try this product and it lasted a year 😲! oh yes and I must reiterate that I use alottt of foil. So, this product did it for me this year.
  4. L’Occitane Amande  Hand and Nail Cream; I’ve never been much of a hand cream user. This changed when this hand cream came into my life 😊. It was part of the items in the gift bag from Dr. Adeola’s party. I had to use it on the boys one day and loved how it felt on my skin. Since then, I’ve been a disciple of this product. I actually tried other variations from L’Occitane but (🎤’no one else comes close to you, no one makes me feel the way you do …😁’) I still went back to this particular one. It leaves my hands feeling pampered, love it 😘.
  5. Cook Italia Tomato Puree; Jollof rice lovers come over here, I tried this product and I’ve not looked back since then. I used it and noticed the smell of my Jollof was different, tasted it and I was in smoky Jollof heaven 😋. Now if you use it and you don’t get the same result, it must mean it’s not the puree then. It then means I’ve become a jollof rice maestro 🤗. For my non-Nigerian readers, Jollof -Rice is rice cooked in rich tomato and pepper paste that is much loved by Nigerians.
  6. 2018 Calendar/planner; Drum roll, please… We have a winner 🤩. I already mentioned in an earlier post how much buying the planner helped me this year. It is without a doubt my favourite item this year.
    I hope you get yourself one next year, and not to worry, Aunty Lulu’s got you covered with my ‘Mum, My Super Hero’ planner. Please send me a message if you’re interested as they are available for purchase.

That’s my list, what was your favourite purchase or gift this year? Please feel free to gush about it/them in the comment section. 😘


Health Talk With Adeola

health talk with Adeola

Welcome to Health Talk With Adeola. I posted a topic for discussion last week Here

Below is my advice on the posted topic.

So , period problems … heavy prolonged and/ or painful bleeding is what ladies usually complain about .

Usually caused by hormonal changes during your normal cycle and this though bothersome is usually harmless and can be helped in general terms by simple measures , appropriate contraception and medications but there can be other causes which can necessitate your visit to the doctors so it is important you see your doctor to help you clarify , suggest treatment options and put your mind to rest as to whether it’s just a season of your normal reproductive life ( varying from puberty to the peri menopause) or whether there are possibly more potentially serious but treatable causes to be investigated . Always be safe . Check with your doctor .



Please feel free to share your opinion/experience or ask questions in the comments. Don’t hesitate  to contact me or Dr Adeola directly.



Health Talk With Adeola

health talk with Adeola

Hi ladies …

But I think we should discuss it…

Period problems: ladies nightmare: heavy and/or prolonged flow with clots. Soaks through, makes one uncomfortable, can’t wear what one likes, looking at one’s back to check out for stains, interferes with everything including one’s mood… and as if not enough can make one pale and tired all the time!

What can be the causes? what can help? How can one manage and cope with it and its effects ( bearing in mind apart from the common general effects on every lady, it can also affect different ladies in different ways )…

Anyone interested?
Any particular thoughts ideas or questions we can bring to the discussion forum?

Thank you.

Health Talk With Adeola



An Ode to love

ode to love

This is no way an Ode, the title just seemed appropriate, or more like I like the sound of it 😚.

My love for historical romance novels made me a little interested in British royalty and nobility. This is because most of them were based on European nobility and had titled men and women as their main characters. It had to do with court life, ‘seasons’, debutantes and basically nobility hierarchy.

princess margaret

From the little attention I pay the British Royals 😎, I have my favourites. The top of my list used to be Princess Magaret. Though controversial, I found her interesting. She had this aura of someone with a few good stories to tell 😊. Whatever interest I had in her was transferred to her daughter, The Lady Sarah Chatto. I love how she’s so private and graceful, and those Sons of hers are going to cause too many heartbreaks 😋.


Lady Chatto

I also like Zara Tindall, love her carefree spirit, her and her husband look like people you can have a good laugh with. Then there comes the two princess sisters, Eugenie and Beatrice. I have a soft spot for them; maybe because they get picked on ever so often 🤔… Then their mum too arouses my curiosity.


And then, of course, dear Prince Harry. There’s just something likable about him.

Love Triangle

This brings me to the crux of my write up, Prince Charles and Camilla. I know a lot of people will want to crucify me here being that we are all fans of the lovely late Princess Di.

What an elegant lovely lady she was, I feel they were all victims of the ‘period’ and circumstances. The love triangle was heart-breaking, and most women’s hearts bled for Diana. Sad story altogether, all involved where like I said, poor victims of period and birth. I really hope she was happy before her demise.

I detested the love between the prince and his current wife, and am surprised now that I have come to respect it. The prince has grown on me, and I have come to respect their love.

Oh to be loved like Charles loves Camilla 😘. Am not excusing anyone or condoning any action, but as I said, they were all victims of a different time and circumstance. I always wonder what could have been had things happened differently! But, it is what it is…

Enjoy this music by Celine Dion ‘Immortality’, this song kept coming to my mind as I was writing this post.



Royalphotos online

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