ode to love

This is no way an Ode, the title just seemedĀ appropriate, or more like I like the soundĀ of it 😚.

My love for historical romance novels made me a little interested in British royalty and nobility. This is because most of them were based on European nobility and had titled men and women as their main characters. It had to do with court life, ‘seasons’, debutantes and basically nobility hierarchy.

princess margaret
an ode to love

From the little attention I pay the British Royals 😎, I have my favourites. The top of my list used to be Princess Magaret. Though controversial, I found her interesting. She had this aura of someone with a few good stories to tell 😊. Whatever interestĀ I had in her was transferred to her daughter, The Lady Sarah Chatto. I love how she’s so private and graceful, and those Sons of hers are going to cause too many heartbreaks 😋.

Lady Chatto
an ode to love

I also like Zara Tindall, love her carefree spirit, her and her husband look like people you can have a goodĀ laugh with. Then there comes the two princessĀ sisters, Eugenie and Beatrice. I have a soft spot for them; maybe because they get picked on ever so often 🤔… Then their mum too arouses my curiosity.

an ode to love

And then, of course, dear Prince Harry. There’s just something likable about him.

Love Triangle

This brings me to the crux of my write up, Prince Charles and Camilla. I know a lot of people will want to crucify me here being that we are all fans of the lovely late Princess Di.

an ode to love

What an elegant lovely lady she was, I feel they were all victims of the ‘period’ and circumstances. The love triangle was heart-breaking, and most women’s hearts bled for Diana. Sad story altogether, all involved where like I said, poor victims of period and birth. I really hope she was happy before her demise.

I detested the love between the prince and his current wife, and I’m surprised now that I have come to respect it. The prince has grown on me, and I have come to respect their love.

ode to love

Oh to be loved like Charles loves Camilla 😘. I am not excusing anyone or condoning any action, but as I said, they were all victims of a different time and circumstance. I always wonder what could have been had things happened differently! But, it is what it is…

Enjoy this music by Celine Dion ‘Immortality’, this song kept coming to my mind as I was writing this post.



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  1. Princess Diana was my all time favorite Royal. She truly was the Peopleā€™s Princess. She seemed to genuinely have a heart for people. I remember when she would visit sick children in hospitals and cuddle them – an unusual act for a royal!

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