Wedding party 3 – to be or not to be?

I recently watched the wedding party 2, the sequel to the wedding party movie that was released in December 2016. The wedding party is a rom-com produced by Ebony life films, Ink one production and Konga Films. The movie was recently released on Netflix.

On a Saturday night that was looking boring, I decided to let off some steam and unwind by watching it. It was released in 2017 to a lot of pomp and pageantry. It also came with mixed reviews, some people were of the opinion that it fell short of its prequel. I was however still eager to see for myself and determine my feelings about the movie

The wedding party to me is a holiday blockbuster as it is usually released during the Christmas holidays. Christmas period as we all know comes at the end of the year and it’s a time most people tend to slow down, let down their hair and take a break after a busy year. It starts at the end of November (Thanksgiving) and goes on to the first few days of the New year.

wedding party

The atmosphere is usually cheery, jovial, light and definitely celebratory. Writing this is already giving me full nostalgia of many magical Christmases long gone back home in Nigeria. Anyway, Christmas blockbusters are usually light, funny and feel good, just to reflect the mood of the season which is usually a time for family, friends and food… the wedding party ticks all the boxes here.

Though I’m not a movie critic, I do know a good movie when I see one. So how do I grade WP2, or even 1? All I’ll say is it’s an enjoyable movie. It scores high on the things I like to see in a Christmas blockbuster- Fashion, romance, comedy and good music. Come-on it’s the end of the year, who needs movies with plot twists and too much action let’s keep it light, simple and funny. A little fashion and romance won’t hurt the eyes either😉 .

So please Aunty Mo, Ebony Films or whoever is listening, I’d really like to see the irresponsible rake ‘Sola’ get hitched. It won’t hurt to get to know his family too, bring a few new characters to the movie. It’ll be nice to see him settle down especially since WP 2 was already pointing us towards the direction of the feisty Yemisi. It’ll also be good to know Yemisi’s story as well and in a twist, the writers could even get him to settle down with the sultry ‘Rosie'( Beverly Naya’s character) let them tame each other. Yemisi can go with the groomsman we never get to see (the one that was in an accident). Don’t even say I’m getting ahead of myself 😁.

There is so much that can be done with this story, they can even get to 5 or 6 instalments if the game is played right. By that, I mean getting really good scriptwriters. As much as I enjoyed the movie I must say the dialogue sometimes made me gag 🤐 not forgetting the eye-rolling-worthy Cheesy lines, oh and also some very unnecessary comedy scenes 🙄. Other than that, it’s a great holiday movie and certainly lifted my spirits yesterday.

It took my mind to some romance novels I read years back. They are different stories of a group of friends finding love, it was always good to catch up with all the couples in each story. This could be done with the wedding party.

So please Ebony TV, what are you waiting for? Get yourselves some badass writers and let’s marry Sola off, please. If approached well, this could be the best of the Wedding party movies. You’re sitting on something big so do some magic with. We are patiently waiting… ⌚


It’ll be nice to see our favourites – The Onwukas 1,2 and 3, the Cokers (please tell Alibaba to behave a little bit more like a millionaire and stop embarrassing Yoruba millionaires 🙈). Also, save us the agony of scenes like that of Ay and Saka – too painful to watch. Make the comedy light and sensible, please! Harrison and Tinuade are perfect madam and those chauffeurs that become family however, it shouldn’t be overdone. Thank you.

Aunty Lulu.


Nigerian Fashion Brands I Love – Vol 4

Nigerian Fashion Brands I Love – Vol 4

Hi guys, I’ve not blogged in a while and I apologise for that. It’s being so busy on the home front and as we all know, that area can’t be neglected.

I Can’t believe its mid-September already! The year is already packing up, time really waits for no one, hope you’ve been using your time judiciously 😊.

Back to today’s business! I will be sharing with you another set of Nigerian brands that I love. Please read through and don’t forget to leave a comment 😜.

Elvira Jude

Owned by Chioma Nwankwo, Elvira Jude was founded in 2010. The brand harmoniously combines elegance and functionality in one mix. I can attest to that as I wore an outfit from their “Lion heart” 2019 collection for my Lagos book reading.

Nigerian brands i love
Nigerian brands I love
Nigerian brands I love

Their collections are a combination of sophistication, elegance, confidence and style for the elegant woman. This was the theme for their 2019 ‘Lion Heart Collection’. The brand’s muse for the collection is popular Nigerian actress ‘Genevieve Nnaji’. Genevieve wore the collection in her last movie ‘Lion Heart’ – which the collection is named after.

Nigerian brands I love

The beautiful Rita Dominic is a big fan of Elvira Judd.

Nigerian brands I love

The Elvira Jude brand includes a bridal line as well as bridesmaid’s tailoring.

Nigerian brands I love

Our collections are a combination of sophistication, elegance, confidence and style, for the elegant woman. We want you to wake up, dress the part and take the seat at the top.

Elvira Jude – About us
Nigerian brands I love

The brand also does Children’s clothing under their Elvira Jude kids line. For lovers of mini-me fashion, I’m sure they can design a bespoke mummy and me attire on request 😚.

Nigerian brands I love


Meena is a Lagos based womenswear brand founded in 2011 by Uju Offiah. Uju is a trained lawyer who took the big step of following her passion. she achieved this by interning with talented Nigerian designer – Ituen Bassi after which she launched her brand.

Nigerian brands I love

The brand name is coined from the creative director’s mother’s name ‘Philomena’. Her mum had noticed her flair for fashion at an early age as she would help put her mum’s outfit together for events and used to play dress up in her mum’s outfits. Her mum till date calls her ‘lady of the wardrobe’.

2015 Muted ways collection

Nigerian brands I love
Nigerian brands I love
Nigerian brands I love

Meena was named best runway collection at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016. On sighting ‘Origami-inspired’ as part of the brand description, I was excited! “I know that,” I thought. My son just joined Origami club at school consequently giving me an understanding of what Origami really is. That said, I couldn’t agree more about their pieces being origami-inspired. Fashion and arts at its best I must say…

2016 Ochiaga collection

Nigerian brands I love
Nigerian brands I love
Nigerian brands I love
Nigerian brands I love
Nigerian brands I love

The Meena design philosophy is based on modern feminity, architectonic undertones and confident minimalism.

Meena Nigeria – Who we are

2018 Anwuli Collection

Nigerian brands I love
Nigerian brands I love
Nigerian brands I love

2019 Chi Collection

Nigerian brands I love

I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection. Be sure to check out the featured brands on Instagram or you can check their websites. Some of the line featured are from their old collection and are likely no longer available for purchase.




Twitter @elvirajude

Instagram @elviraJude @meenaofficial

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Health Talk with Adeola

health talk with Adeola

Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. Stress is a common experience in everyday life. We feel stress in response to situations that we find difficult or challenging. People have different ways of reacting to stress, so a situation that feels stressful to one person may be motivating to someone else.

Whilst a bit of stress can help to motivate us to reach our goals; too much stress can be bad for our bodies and minds. Feeling over-burdened at work, reacting to a major life event, and coping with a difficult situation we were not expecting are some examples of things people report as causing a high level of stress. Stressful life events do not necessarily have to be negative events. For example, events such as starting a new job, moving house and getting married can all be stressful. Overall these positive and negative pressures of life turn into stress when you feel unable to cope.

Telltale signs of stress building up include:

  • Not being able to sleep properly with worries going through your mind.
  • Minor problems causing you to feel impatient or irritable.
  • Not being able to concentrate due to many things going through your mind.
  • Being unable to make decisions.
  • Drinking or smoking more.
  • Not enjoying food so much.
  • Being unable to relax and always feeling that something needs to be done.
  • Headaches and muscle tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Feeling tense. Sometimes ‘fight or flight’ hormones are released causing physical symptoms. These include:
  •  Feeling sick (nauseated).
  • A ‘knot’ in the stomach
  • Feeling sweaty with a dry mouth.
  • A ‘thumping’ heart (palpitations).

Signs and symptoms of stress overload

health talk with Adeola
Cognitive symptoms:                                          
  • Memory problems
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Poor judgment
  • Seeing only the negative
  • Anxious or racing thoughts
  • Constant worrying
Emotional symptoms:
  • Depression or general unhappiness
  • Anxiety and agitation
  • Moodiness, irritability, or anger
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Other mental or emotional health problems
health talk with Adeola
Physical symptoms:
  • Aches and pains
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Nausea, dizziness
  • Chest pain, rapid heart rate
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Frequent colds or flu
Behavioral symptoms:
  • Eating more or less
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Withdrawing from others
  • Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities
  • Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax
  • Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, pacing)

Effects of chronic stress

If you tend to get stressed out frequently, like many of us in today’s demanding world, your body may exist in a heightened state of stress most of the time. And that can lead to serious health problems. Chronic stress disrupts nearly every system in your body. It can suppress your immune system, upset your digestive and reproductive systems, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, and speed up the aging process. It can even rewire the brain, leaving you more vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems.

Health problems caused or exacerbated by stress include:

  1. Depression and anxiety
  2. Pain of any kind
  3. Sleep problems
  4. Autoimmune diseases
  5. Digestive problems
  6. Skin conditions, such as eczema
  7. Heart disease
  8. Weight problems
  9. Reproductive issues
  10. Thinking and memory problems

Improving your ability to handle stress.

  1. Realise when it is causing a problem and identify the causes: An important step in tackling stress is to realise when it is a problem for you and make a connection between the physical and emotional signs you are experiencing and the pressures you are faced with.
  2. Review your lifestyle: Are you taking on too much? Can you do some things in a more leisurely way?
  • Eat Healthily: There is also a growing amount of evidence showing how food can affect our mood.
  • Be aware of your smoking and drinking: If possible, try to cut right down on smoking and drinking. They may seem to reduce tension, but in fact they can make problems worse. Alcohol and caffeine can increase feelings of anxiety.
  • Exercise: well proven to reduce stress.
  • Take Time Out: To relax and do some self care.
  • Get some restful sleep: Relieves tiredness and helps you think clearly to deal with stress.
  • Build supportive relationships: friends or family can offer help and practical advice can support you in managing stress. Joining a club, enrolling on a course, or volunteering can all be good ways of expanding your social networks and encourage you to do something different.


health talk with Adeola
health talk with Adeola

Some people find they have times in their lives when stress becomes severe or difficult to cope with. See a doctor if stress  becomes worse. Further treatments  eg pyschological therapies or medication may be appropriate.

Take away bite:

If you continue to feel overwhelmed by stress, seeking professional help can support you in managing effectively. Do not be afraid to seek professional help if you feel that you are no longer able to manage things on your own. Many people feel reluctant to seek help as they feel that it is an admission of failure. This is not the case and it is important to get help as soon as possible so you can begin to feel better. Remember stress is a risk factor for and can precipitate physical and mental health problems so seek help when you feel stressed and are unable to cope and/or function.

Best wishes,

Dr Adeola.

Health Talk with Adeola

Acknowledgements: NHS inform, Mental Health Foundation, Patient UK, Help Guide. American Psychiatry Association


Turning my passion into my profession – Mojoyin’s story

passion for profession

“We adorn your feet with our classy shoes”

jojo Shoes

Here’s another lovely passion for profession story.

I had a chat with sprightly Mojoyin -mum of three boys and founder of Jojo Shoes – a brand that designs beautiful shoes for ladies. Mojoyin is making a profession out of her passion for fashionable shoes.

Mojoyin was one of the fastest girls in my secondary school 😚and it was always a delight to watch her on the track. It’s interesting to see that she’s dropped her track spikes for stilettos and the likes 😀. This buttresses my point that we can excel at anything if we work hard at it.

Mojoyin could have easily chosen a career path following her natural talent as an athlete, but she chose her passion for fashion (shoes) and is putting all necessary efforts to make it flourish.

Let’s meet Mojoyin…

My name is Mojoyin Abolarin. I’m a mom, wife, homemaker, IT database Administrator and now an entrepreneur who designs beautiful shoes for women.

I was born and grew up in Lagos, went to boarding school for 6 years, studied biology at the University of Maryland with hopes for going to medical school. That didn’t work out as I had my first son, got married and decided to go for a masters in Information Technology.

passion for profession
Mojoyin in ‘Isokan’ booties

Tell us about what you do?

I am the owner of Jojo Shoes, a brand that I started in April 2018.

After finishing from grad school, I started working as a database administrator and later on as a software developer. I then decided to start my own business of buying and selling clothes which failed so badly after so much investment. My love for fashion was still intact and I still desired to start a business around fashion.

I’ve always loved shoes, most shoes that caught my attention were usually either too expensive or not comfortable. So I decided to start making shoes for myself first and then others. Most shoe samples are in size 8, but mine is in 10 because there was a part of me that was afraid of failing and thought “ well if I fail at this at least I would be wearing all my samples to console myself.”. 😁

How did you get into Shoe production. 

As stated earlier, I love shoes and I’m often drawn to the classiest shoes on display which usually turned out to be high-end shoes, but just couldn’t afford to buy them.

Also, I have bunions (even though not too big) , but enough to make my feet look weird and uncomfortable in stiletto shoes.

About 4 years ago, I bought a pair of green stilettos from Christian Luboutin and it was hell walking in them. I returned them and bought another style, thinking changing the style would help, but I also couldn’t fit! That’s when I thought of designing shoes for myself and making sure I enjoyed the comfort of those shoes while making them affordable to most at a high end taste.

Why shoes?

Not why shoes, but why good shoes 😊? Good shoes will definitely take you to good places 😉. Just kidding. Shoes because I’ve always loved shoes and that’s the first thing I look at in a persons outfit.

I also want to make the feet beautiful. You see people wear clothes, makeup and accessories to beautify and enhance their figures and looks, so why shouldn’t we also adorn the feet that supports the whole body and make it look gorgeous.

passion for profession
‘Subulade’ Sandals

Are there any big shoe companies you look up to, and why?

I really love Aquazzura. Their shoes are so unique and stylish, yet not as highly priced as some of the other high end shoes and they also have their original and classic designs.

What are you goals for your brand?

My goal for Jojo’s is to see it in every woman’s closet and to have it in main chain stores. I will like every woman to have at least one pair of Jojos.

How do you come up with your designs?

I have a designer I work with – Andrea (my Italian designer) he helps with the design process. If I have an idea, I draw it on a sheet of paper, he then marks out all measurements and uses design software to help perfect the design/idea so the manufacturer will understand.

I sometimes also draw in my dreams and they are crazy drawings but my designer in Italy understands me a lot and also helps improve my sketch. We eliminate until we sure we’ve created something wearable.

What do you mean by drawing in your dream?

Drawing while sleeping 😚. Sometimes I dream of shoes, and some designs and I just notice I’m drawing in my dreams, immediately I’m aware of it, I get up (I always have my pad and pen on my bedside table) and scribble a reminder or draw what I have in mind and then go back to sleep immediately. This has happened several times, the fear of failure is real I guess 😄.

What are the challenges you’ve faced in running your brand?

Well I have enjoyed every stressful part of designing , sourcing for manufacturers, going broke, sourcing for materials, choosing colours etc. I tend to be conservative but decided to go out of my comfort zone and bombard my shoe line with colours.

There are however many challenges, biggest being funding. This business is capital intensive. I started with my paycheck as a software developer, so I’m trying not to starve my kids all in the name of starting a new business especially as I’m avoiding getting a loan.

Another major challenge is getting a manufacturer to work with my minimum order quantity. Since I started business, I’ve had to switch between 3 manufacturers, and I’m still researching for better manufacturers in terms of price, quality and minimum order quantity. One thing I’ve realized is that the research never stops.

Sizing is also a problem, as is the issue of customers trying to make you go crazy! The numerous voices demanding different shoe styles is unbelievable. Some want wedges, some want, flats, some want even higher heels. One thing I realized is just to follow my vision and not lose track of where I’m going with my brand.

passion for profession
‘Arike’ Sandals
Where do you see your brand in 10 years?

By Gods Grace, I want Jojo Shoes to be in all Major retail stores. I also would like to have several physical stores in all major cities.

How do you manage running your business with motherhood?

It’s tough, but I just plan ahead – I do most of what needs done when my kids are in school. I have a flexible remote job and good support from family and friends.

Advice for budding producers?

Just start from somewhere with the little you have, do lots of research, be prepared to do a lot of advertising, be patient and just trust God.

passion for profession
‘Adun’ Booties
On a lighter note, What would you do if you had special powers?

If I had special powers, I would make everyone in the world peaceful with each other. It’s so scary with how much hatred and atrocities going on in the world. So I would want to be known as “Peace woman with a white cape and an all white outfit 😋. Imagine how the world would be if they wasn’t hate. 🏳👼🏾

Please follow Mojoyin on Instagram @myjojoshoes.

You can shop for Jojo shoes on Let’s support our own, let’s help build our own high end brands.

Aunty Lulu

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Nigerian Brands I Love volume 3

Nigerian Brands I Love volume 3

On this episode, I will be profiling two Nigerian brands from the Capital city – Abuja. Please enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment. 😘


I have to start this with a little background about this brand as it’s another brand dear to my heart. The beautiful brains behind Dzyn is Ogwa Iweze who launched the brand in 2014.

Ogwa’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in quickly – as far back as when we were all single girls enjoying the social scene of Abuja. She started her fashion house with a few tailors and they made custom made clothes on order.

The ladies started getting hitched one after the other and all roads led to Ogwa’s store to get our Aso-Ebis made. For non-Nigerian readers, Aso-Ebi is a uniform dress traditionally worn at ceremonies as an indicator of solidarity and cooperation.

Fast forward a few years later, I got married, left Abuja and Dzyn was born during that period. It has been nothing but brilliant fashion from them since then.

Ogwa Iweze Creatuve Director Dzyn

Bonang Matheba in Dzyn

Dzyn is known for its fun, cheerful and lively designs. They are popular for edgy streetwear.

Dzyn Mesh Top

Being a big fashion enthusiast, Ogwa recently started a fashion series called “fashion and the city” where she tells stories through images showing her love for social scene and fashion. You can catch up with her as she visits different cities around the world on her Instagram page, trust me it’s worth it.

Style Temple

Known for its structured wearable pieces, Style Temple was founded by the very stylish Oguana Okwonkwo in 2012.

The brand’s ready-to-wear line is a mixture of structured wearable pieces with a couture edge, clean geometric cuts and shapes with a standout detail. They focus on Easy fitted garments that flatter a woman’s body.

Style Temple is recognized for its signature sophisticated textiles, silhouettes, and cuts. The brand delivers well-structured, contemporary garments with impeccable tailoring and fit.

Oguana Okwonkwo

Vogue Italia had this to say about their SS’17 collection at Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016: “Presented in a chic and contemporary manner, it’s accessible to the independent young woman who frees herself to stylishly embrace all that she is.

Style Temple is very popular among Nigerian young socialites and fashionistas.

Toke Makinwa in Style Temple

You can follow these two desingers on instagram




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