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So , period problems … heavy prolonged and/ or painful bleeding is what ladies usually complain about .

Usually caused by hormonal changes during your normal cycle and this though bothersome is usually harmless and can be helped in general terms by simple measures , appropriate contraception and medications but there can be other causes which can necessitate your visit to the doctors so it is important you see your doctor to help you clarify , suggest treatment options and put your mind to rest as to whether itā€™s just a season of your normal reproductive life ( varying from puberty to the peri menopause) or whether there are possibly more potentially serious but treatable causes to be investigated . Always be safe . Check with your doctor .



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2 thoughts on “Health Talk With Adeola

  1. Thanks Dr. Adeola for your advice and thumbs up to every woman out there who despite the discomfort of this monthly visitor goes about her business as if all is well and normal!

  2. Hi Dr, Adeola, thank you for this post. I noticed that whenever I indulge in sweet food just before or during my period, it gets heavy and lasts longer. Does diet affect Menstrual cycle? I also noticed that my cycle changes sometimes. Is this normal?

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