Hello, my beautiful people. Trust you are all well. The RHOL season 2 is back (drum roll please) 🎇.

I’m actually not a reality TV fan, but somehow (can’t explain why) I watched season 1. I enjoyed it so much that I even blogged about it. I was therefore surprised when the Real Housewives of Abuja aired and I didn’t watch, especially being a former Abuja resident! The trailer just wasn’t compelling enough, and the fashion didn’t wow me, I think the fashion from the Lagos ladies was a major attraction for me.

Anyway, the Lagos girls are back and they brought 2 new cast members with them, but, WHERE IS CARO!

🎵Eh I’m looking for Caro… ehba Show me Caro… ehba Sisi Caro… ehba Where are you Caro… ehba 💃🏽.

Let’s get serious 😊.

These 2 ladies have my attention and I cannot wait to watch, and, gist about the show with you guys. In the meantime, let’s talk about what the housewives and their guests wore to the premiere.

The theme was ‘Eko Royalty, how did the attendees and their designers interpret this theme, come with me.

Faith, Tania, Chioma and Iyabo at the premiere.


The Real Housewives of Lagos - Season 2 Premiere Fashion
Faith Morey in Ann Usman

We’re starting with one of the new Wives, Faith Morey. Faith is wearing a dress by Ann Usman. Faith’s dress is lovely. She chose the right accessories to complement her outfit. Although I think a different hairpiece would have worked better considering how busy the robe is, I guess she wanted a statement look and a statement look she got.

Faith definitely has our attention.

The Real Housewives of Lagos - Season 2 Premiere Fashion
Tania Omotayo in Emagine by Bukola

Tania Omotayo is a golden vision in this lovely dress by Emagine by Bukola. Personally, I think a simple, clean look is always a winner and that is exactly what this look is giving, classy.

Tania seems to be a reserved lady and I wonder how she’ll cope with the drama that comes with the Real Housewives franchise. She brings the Real Housewives authenticity though, just what we want to see, right?!

The Real Housewives of Lagos - Season 2 Premiere Fashion
Iyabo Ojo in Becca Needles and Stitches

Aunty Iyabo is back and she showed up at the premiere in this gold ensemble. Whilst I really love the silhouette of her outfit, there’s just something off about the bodice! I think it’s the neck and shoulder 🤔. Then there’s the feathery tail 🤦🏾‍♀️.

I also feel her hair should have been swept up, maybe a loose chignon would have worked better because of the busy neck and shoulder

Although I don’t particularly like her look, I can’t wait to see Iyabo on the show. She’s in a relationship with a known name in the entertainment industry. It looks like a great hookup with a lovely blended family in tow. I hope she brings them on the show. I love this for Iyabo, love looks good on her.

P.S. I think her Aunty tag is not going away as she’s now booed up with an industry ‘Uncle’. Her man is called Uncle by most people in the industry. Can’t wait to see you and Uncle Paul, Iyabo. 😁

The Real Housewives of Lagos - Season 2 Premiere Fashion
Chioma Ikokwu in Veekee James

Chioma lives for the drama when it comes to fashion, it has to be bold or go home! I don’t always like her look but I kind of like this one. I’ll give her a 9/10

Chioma is a fashion girl, I mean she lives and breathes fashion. I find some of her looks gaudy, nevertheless, I enjoy watching her.

She did my Caro bad last season 😏! I hope she brings more fashion, (her fashion is entertainment on its own) 😃 and a few of her bougie friends this season.

Toyin Lawani in Tiannah

Toyin is repping her brand as usual but are we loving this look? It’s a NO for me, what in Chinese New Year is going on here? I would have thought Toyin would nail the Eko for show theme giving her creative talent, boy, this is disappointing.

Toyin’s creativity is on another level but she needs to understand style etiquette (I don’t know if that exists 😚). You can’t wear art everywhere, I get she’s going for an eccentric designer image but it’s not giving what she wants it to give.

Toyin dear, please make wearable fashion sometimes, I know you can do it, pretty please! 🙏🏾

The Real Housewives of Lagos - Season 2 Premiere Fashion
Laura Ikeji in Erica Moore Couture

Laura is radiating that pregnancy gliw very few are privileged to have in her gold dress. I don’t like the ‘Big Birdlike fur, however, Laura carries it off well. 7.5/10.

I hope Laura will come back with some enthusiasm his season. That lively, fun, happy-go-lucky girl we see on Instagram, that version of Laura is what we want to see.

Now let’s move on to the guests.

Host with the Most

Ohlala, Gbemi is looking Ella good in these pictures. These 2 dresses are just what the doctor ordered. The colours are popping, the body is bodying, no complaints from here. 9/10

The Real Housewives of Lagos - Season 2 Premiere Fashion
Toke Makinwa in Matopedia Atelier

When they say Eko for show this is what we want to see. Honestly, Toke never disappoints, her fashion choices for events are always eye-popping and if there is someone who will nail the theme, be assured it’ll be Toke. She looks Good.

We expect nothing less from Matopedia Atelier. 9/10

I have a feeling we will see Toke in the RHWOL this season. She’ll probably appear in a couple of episodes with Chioma. I hope I’m right, see you later Toke 😘.

Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori – Kieke in The Vibe Station

🎵 Sho ti mo Kiekie, sho ti mo Kiekie, ota lenu, o ta lenu🎶


Segun Johnson

And the best dressed goes to …

Segun Johnson must have seen Kiekie in this outfit when he sang that song. This is a 10/10 look for me, the real ‘Eko for show’, a fantastic interpretation of the theme.

By the way, is Gold the official Lagis colour? I asked because so many of the ladies showed up in gold.

Thanks for this refreshing look, Kiekie.

Beauty Tukura in MIDE

Beauty is sure giving us a show in this ‘Abebe’ (fan) outfit. 😁. She looks Good, I’ll give her 7/10.

Uriel in St Magaret Couture.

Oh dear 🤦🏽‍♀️. What kind of construction is this? I watched a reel of the making of this dress and saw the craftmanship that went into it, the end result though 🤔. I’m sorry but It’s not giving. It’s too much and then nothing. Sorry Uriel, go and sin no more. 💗 3/10

Kim Oprah in Fiolakemi Atelier

This is a cute interpretation of ‘Eko for show’. I like this look, the twins look like they’re suffocating in there though 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️. 7.5/10

India Aisien in Medlin Boss

I wouldn’t pick a sartorial look for an ‘Eko for show’ theme but here we are with another Sartorial look. Idia looks nice though, I guess the train is supposed to be the showy look. I’ll give her a 7.

The Real Housewives of Lagos - Season 2 Premiere Fashion
Veeiye in Labiella Couture

Here is another lady who nails the theme. I love the use of Adire to create this awesome look. The gele (head tie) seals this look.

It’s giving an old-school Yoruba maiden vibe, a great ‘Eko for show’ interpretation. 9/10

The Real Housewives of Lagos - Season 2 Premiere Fashion

The aso-one agbada, bright glee, the coral beads, a beautiful culmination of Eko royalty. Beautiful delivery. 9/10

Layole Oyatogun in TrishO Couture

Layole looks cute in this TrishO Couture outfit. She looks like she’s out to have a Good time. 7/10

Diane Russet in Ann Cranberry

Diane is really trying to topple Kiekie from our No. 1 position in this beautiful creation by Ann Cranberry. I had to use this picture with Akin as I couldn’t find a full picture of her that captured the glamour of this look in its entirety.

She even has the perfect accessory to complement her look (peep Akin). 9.5/10 💯

In Strolls the Men…

Akin Fanimu in Rogue

If you’re looking for a guy who loves and understands fashion, look no further. Akin always slays. A real ‘Eko for Show’ look. 9/10

Yoruba Angel alert 🤩And we have our best-dressed male, applaudissez please 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. 10/10 , we approve.

Uri Nwachukwu in Femtoys.

A simple but very fresh look from Uti. I like. 7.5/10

Denrele Edun in Erica Moore

If it’s not dramatic, is it for Denrele. Trust Denrele to bring the show. 7/10.

C’est Fini

There you have it folks, the series is now airing, go and watch it hun, we’ll regroup to gist later. Tata 🥰.


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