green glorious green

My favourite colour is green 💚. Little wonder the colour green is associated with a lot of positive things. Green represents growth, nature, money and fertility. Even the colour Green  on the traffic light means ‘Go 🚦 ‘, it signifies safety, movement and progress.

Green is a relaxing colour, it is associated with health, youth, spring, hope and life☘. Interestingly, my favourite shade of green, Emerald, is associated with wealth (money.) Now I know why I like it🤑.

Well, enough of the lesson on the green colour. Let’s talk fashion.

Green is also one of the Christmas colours, and there’s never a better time to rock green that at Christmas.  We’re fast approaching the Christmas season, so I’ve put up some interesting green finds for your viewing pleasure.


You can make them green with envy in a green statement dress. (oh yes, that’s the bad characteristic of green ‘Envy and Jealousy🤢)

1. Reem Acra   2. Reem Acra   3. Amanda Wakely



Or you can accessorize with green, it could be a green purse, bag or shoes 😉

  1. no 21. 2.Gucci 3.Alaia





  1. Dolce & Gabbana  2. Givenchy  3. Gucci    4.Nancy Gonzalez  5. Saint Laurent









And last but not the least, let’s not forget the coats, you can add a touch of green by wrapping up in a green stylish coat or blazer.

1. Ted Baker  2. Haider Ackermann





I hope you have enjoyed my pick 🤗. There are so many gorgeous green pieces out there. However, you decide to wear it, rock it well.

Look out for affordable radiant green pieces from Marks and Spencer, they usually stock lovely hues of green closer to Christmas.


How’re you greening 🤩.