how we met


I am Adeola Oginni, born and bred in Lagos by my wonderful parents with my lovely siblings: a sister and two brothers.

I studied Medicine at OAU Ife, Nigeria. I am a doctor currently practicing in the UK where I live with my husband and three children. I enjoy downtime with my hubby and kids, watching music videos, soul rejuvenating walks and watching the news 😊.

How we met

1995 was the year…first day of medical school registration. We had been on this long queue waiting to get started. It was my finally my turn, then I realised I didn’t have a pen!  Not a big issue you would say – but remember it was our first day and we were all meant to be all ready and serious 🙄medical students. We didn’t know each other, so getting a pen off someone wasn’t that easy as it would seem now: teenagers still trying to pose and keep their own space if you get. I was sure I packed a pen with all my paperwork for registration.

Prince Charming to the rescue

I searched my bag frantically but couldn’t find it. I looked up disappointed, and there he was, this handsome dude to my rescue! 🎇He came all the way from the back of the queue, confidently offering me a pen and telling me not to get frazzled too much that I won’t lose my turn. Then we became friends…and then…and then😍…the rest is this …23 years on, we are still going strong with 3 adorable kids…Glory be to God.

P.S   Adeola is a fantastic doctor whom I’ve grown accustomed to giving a call at the 1st sign of any medical issue. These range from something as trivial as a rash to cotton wool stuck in an ear😚. Advise on feminine health and well- being are not left out.

She’ll be popping on the blog from time to time on our health column. If you have questions for her, please fill the contact form.

How We Met



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  1. Very nice blog. I see my sis in law here so I am already a loyal fan. ✌️
    Hope to read and learn more from here.
    Welldone Aunty Lulu

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