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One thing I tend to do after getting acquainted with people – especially those in a relationship – is to ask how they met😍. By so doing, I have come to hear the best of the best romantic stories ever. Most of them are so good, that the best rom-coms have nothing on them. 😋

And so, being the generous person that I am 😉, I have decided to share some of these amazing stories on my blog. Every fortnight, therefore, I’ll invite some of my friends to share their wonderful love stories with us.

Once upon a time…

Today, I’ll share a bit of my own love story. I met my darling husband at his house, (I occasionally joke with him that I walked into his home and refused to leave). I was in London from Dundee (Grad Schl) to spend the weekend with my family friend (FF). The plan was to be picked up from the salon by a friend (potential) who disappointed me. My phone went off and I couldn’t remember my FF’s address and so I decided to wait at the bus stop.

I saw an old friend from home and tried to hide from him cause for some reason, I felt embarrassed to be seen hanging around a bus stop! Luckily, he saw me and told me he had been talking about me with my family friend the previous day 😕. They were actually neighbours💃. He said it was okay to wait for her at his place, and a relieved me went with him – and my husband happened to be his housemate.

So I walked into his house, met him, and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, a lot happened between meeting and taking that walk down the aisle, but it was an interesting journey.

The Lyrics of ” broken road” by Rascal Flatts is my display image. This is because it reminds me so much of the day I met my husband.

So that’s my love story, hope it’s not too boring. I promise you’re in for some good stories here, watch this space.



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  1. Bimbo, I remember how you went to London for a few days and came back with love. I remember the first time he called the house, confidently asking to speak to you. I was like; who is this one, what is he feeling like? and you pretending like you were not very interested, casually mentioning how you met. When I finally met him, I knew you made the right choice, what a fantastic guy; Godfearing and real.

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