It’s December yayyyy! Certainly the most wonderful time of the year for me. Not only because we celebrate the birth of my saviour, but because my birthday is in this fabulous month. So have you put up your tree? I promised my dear friend Shwetu that I’ll put up this post just because she asked. Here it is folks,

What to consider when putting up a Christmas tree.

  • Location of the tree: You have to think of the right spot for your tree. Top on the list of what to consider is the size of the room. Ideally, it should be near a socket. It should also be out of people’s way – you can even re-arrange furniture if you have to.
  • Type of tree: You have to put some thoughts on the type of tree you want. Real pine tree or faux. Please bear in mind if you’re getting a real tree that they usually last 4 weeks. Personally, I prefer faux, we’ve had ours for 3 years and it’s still as good as new 😊. If you’re going this way, it’s advisable to invest in a high-quality tree.
  • Size of tree: You also have to decide the right size of the tree. Tall, stout, minute etc. This also has to do with the size of the room. A tree shouldn’t overwhelm the room. Ceiling height should also be considered.
  • When you want the tree put up. Tradition dictates that Christmas trees are out up at the beginning of Advent – fourth Sunday before Christmas. Some do it 12 days before Christmas or even Christmas eve. In the United States of America, the festive season officially starts after Thanksgiving, so the decorations come out the weekend after Thanksgiving which is the last Thursday of November. When you put up your tree is pretty much up to you.
  • Ornaments; You have to decide on the ornaments you want in your tree. The official Christmas colours are Pine green, Snow-white and Red. Gold and silver are also very common. There are now ornaments in different colours so if you don’t want the traditional colours you can have any of the various metallic colours in the market.

Okay, so what is needed for the set-up

Tree skirt: Don’t leave that tree naked! Get it a skirt 😄. They’re pretty and hide all the wires and things you don’t want to be seen so why not? It’s something you can do without though.

Tree. You definitely need a tree right 😃. Real pine, faux? Tall, short? Gigantic, minute? If you’re using a faux tree, I’ll advise you start spreading the branches as you setting up – from down up.

Elves – If you have willing assistants all good, and the more, the merrier – well sometimes 😐. And if it’s just you, that’ll do, I suppose…😉

putting up a Christmas tree

Music- I find it easier setting up the tree with some good music. Christmas songs readily come to mind but you can listen to whatever you want – especially if you’re working alone.

Decorations; Ornaments, trimmings whatever you call them! You’ll need decorations for your tree. Don’t forget the star for the topper, some prefer angels. And if you don’t like decorations on a tree, it’s perfectly alright.

Lights; Aren’t they the best part of a tree? Yellow lights, white lights, blue lights, red, blue and white lights… There’s so much out there, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

There you have it😁. Enjoy putting up your tree and if you have any good tips to share, please leave a comment 😉.