Hi guys 👋🏽, It’s been a minute or two! Hope you’re all good. I was so busy, leading up to the holidays that there was no time to blog. By the time my calendar cleared a bit, I’d been away for so long that it was hard to drag myself back.

Never mind that now as I’m back 😊. I thought it would be untoward not to blog before we end this year 2019. 2019 was good to me, it was a milestone year for me on different fronts – 10 years wedding anniversary, 40 years birthday (😱), I published my first book 😚 etc. Hope it was great for you too?

Remember last year I did a post on my favourite things (bought or gifts). Here are my favourite things for 2019…

2019 favorite things.

These are a few of my favourite things
  • Breville Blend Active ColourMix Family: This product is amazing as it allows you to make smoothies easily and what more, you can make for more people as it comes with four bottles. It works perfectly for my family as we are four and the lids come in different colours so everyone knows which is theirs. It’s fast, effective, makes smoothie making easy and saves on cleaning 😚.
These are a few of my favourite things
  • Bike cushion/pads: Anyone who spins or cycles will attest to how uncomfortable the saddle of those bikes can be. I spin – not that I enjoy it, but I find it very effective 😋. It was a struggle for a while, because of the discomfort. I was advised to buy padded cycling shorts but before I could purchase one, I discovered the saddle pads! It has been a game-changer for me since then. What more, they’re all over the place, I even found one at the pound store, oh yes only a pound! Thank me later 😊.
These are a few of my favourite things
  • Fairy/elf lights: Last Christmas, I got elf and Santa lights to decorate the boys’ room. It uses batteries and if you put a good quality one, it can last for a while. This elf lights have become my boys’ night light 😊. We used it the whole year and we’re still using it. It works very well and the boys really like it.
  • Oral-B Professional Care 600 Crossaction Electric Toothbrush: My husband’s dentist recommended an electric toothbrush to him 2 years ago. He started using it and couldn’t stop gushing about how effective it was and how I needed one. Stingy ‘me’ refused to budge, cause they’re quite pricey and I didn’t see anything wrong in using my normal toothbrush since they got the job done 🤷🏽‍♀️. So, early 2009, my husband picked it up as it was on sale! Oh my word! He was right all along, electronic toothbrushes are worth every dime you spend on them. They really get down to do the job and can get anywhere in your mouth. A good charge can give you a weeks’ use too. You can take advantage of the huge sales going on in most stores and grab yourself one, it’ll change your brushing game, trust me 😉.
  • Santa gift sacks: My Boys got this from their Aunty at Christmas and I think I was more excited about it than they were! *they were more interested in what was inside 😄. I’d actually tried to get them sacks and had previously searched on-line but was so spoilt for choice that I ended up not buying any😬. You see, I’m over wrapping papers, I mean they’re ripped off without any thoughts for the care used in picking it not to talk about the amount you pay for it! Moreover, we should all be conscious of the environment 😏. Even when gifting now, I go with gift bags as they can be re-used, I also always try not to write on the bags – yes, I’m that considerate 😏. The bags are big and can hold a lot of pressies, they’re attractive and can be personalized! No more Christmas present wrapping for me, ever! 😎

Aunty Lulu.