I had no plans to blog about Jagun Jagun, but when I enjoy something as much as I did this movie, it’s hard to resist the urge. That’s what the blog is all about aferall…

So let’s talk about Jagun jagun!


Boasting a stellar cast, Jagun Jagun tells the story of a young man who was determined to become a powerful warrior. He enlisted in an elite army and gradually rose to the top, gaining the interest of the warlord and winning his daughters love.

When I started the movie, despite the fantastic opening by the cast led by Odunlade Adekola, the action that ensued was a bit too much for me, it sort of put me off. I stopped watching and only went back into it a week later, I just decided to try again but seeing a few mentions about it on social media.

I finally settled into the story and allowed myself to be captivated by the tale. What a tale it is, I like period pieces, and this is a very good one. It borders on the mystical and supernatural. Jagun-Jagun gives credence to Yoruba deity and mysticism using poetry and music. It also showcased Yoruba culture, though in a subtle way, it was still very effective.

I think the theme was mainly on power, corruption and social status with a sprinkle of love. That’s predominantly what most captivating stories are about anyway, and it’s really what transpires in the world. If you take a look around, there’s always a tussle for power, and social acceptance in every strata of life. Jagun Jagun explores this theme successfully.

Jagun Jagun - Of Greed and Corruption


The movie had an ensemble cast of Yoruba actors who all did justice to their characters. My favourite character was Kitan. Did I see the plot twist involving her (Kitan) coming, I suspected just before it was exposed. It was a brilliant twist. Fathia Balogun also did a brilliant job. Indeed, hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, I love the part she played at the end of the movie.

As a casting director, would I have considered Lateef Adedimeji for the role of Gbotija? Certainly not. He however owned that role. He did a brilliant job as did most of the cast.

Not all the casting was impressive though, which brings me to the weakest link.

What I didn’t like

Jagun Jagun - Of Greed and Corruption

The warriors were not warrioring 😁, I mean, I love me some Mr Macaroni but casting him as one of the main warriors, o wrong now (its not right)! I wish the warriors, especially the main ones (including Gbogunmi) had the physique to go with it.

The opening of the movie didn’t do much for it, I almost didn’t watch it because of the unnecessary blood fest. A different approach should have been taken, maybe a look into how Ogundiji became so powerful. Talking about Ogundiji, an explanation for his exaggerated twitching should have been included. We’ll probably get an answer in the sequel (I believe they’ll be one).

Till Next Time

In all, Jagun Jagun tells a captivating story and it was a good watch. A lot of attention was obviously given to cinematography, location and costume. The soundtrack was also very Good.

I enjoyed it and if you haven’t seen it or where put off by the first scene like I was, please try again. It’s a good watch. Kudos to my Kwara brother, Femi Adebayo for this movie, I’ll give it 7/10.

Jagun jagun is showing on Netflix.

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