You and I - The Queen Charlotte Story

I have stayed away from the blog for a while, I just could’nt find the motivation! So, what has brought Aunty Lulu out of an early retirement, you might ask – nothing else but an extraordinary love story. A story of undiluted, unfiltered love got my writing juices flowing again.

I grew up an avid reader, and one of my favourite genre to read was historical romance (you can read about my reading journey here.) You can therefore imagine my delight on finding Bridgerton. I quickly became a fan and was even more excited when I read that there would be more.

After waiting eagerly for the second season, sadly, it turned out to be a downer for me. Then I read that that there was going to be a spin-off – a prequel about queen Charlotte (who happens to be one of my most forgettable person on the show.) Ah, I thought, this Bridgerton is probably not for me. Thank God my love for period pieces prevailed and I decided to watch! What a story! A sad but lovely love story. So compelling so encompassing. I was

The Plot

Most Bridgerton fans, including me, have wondered how Queen Charlotte became queen. We all got our answers in this beautifully written story: loosely based on history.

You and I - The Queen Charlotte Story

The series focuses on young Queen Charlotte‘s rise to prominence and power and consists of two plotlines: one in the present of Bridgerton, beginning in 1817 with the death of the royal heir Princess Charlotte, an event that causes the Queen to pressure her children to marry and produce another royal heir; the other begins in 1761 with Charlotte meeting and marrying King George. The latter explores the King and Queen’s marriage and his mental illness.

The Cast

You and I - The Queen Charlotte Story

The casting for this show was brilliant. The actors who played young Queen Charlotte and young Lady Danbury were both fantastic in their delivery, they were actually quite similar in appearance to the older characters they represented. The supporting cast too were amazing, from young Brimsley to young Lady Violet and then there was young King George 😍. I loved all the characters they all did a brilliant job.

What worked for me

The soundtrack! How you gonna convert Rand B to classical music? Like who came up with that genuis idea! It was epic, from Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ to ‘If i aint got you’ and then ‘I will alwys love you! The music was special, just as special as every character in that show was.

I also enjoyed the peak we had of the life of older characters. I love their love stories, It’s no surprise that Lady Violet has always been a happy human, she remains one of my favourite characters on the show and I hope Shona Rimes will bless us with her love story. Her upbringing was also quite intruiguing with her uppity mum and more approachabke dad.

All in all, Lady Charlotte’s story was a delighful surprise, I wasnt expecting it, didnt want to watch it, but ended up loving it.

Fun Fact

You and I - The Queen Charlotte Story

There was a queen Charlotte in British history who was married to King George III. They did share a happy life together and really had 15 children. Their lives changed when King George III developed mental illness. Despite his challenges, Queen Charlotte remained loyal to her husband They lived at Kew gardens, and she lived there till she passed on.

Have you watched the series, What are your thoughts?

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