Rita Dominic is a Nigerian actress with a line of impressive work. She is what I’ll call – old Nollywood as she started acting before Nollywood was even a thing.

I remember the first time I saw the petite cute Rita in a movie, she was so young and very articulate and I wondered why she was acting. Rita followed her passion early in life and never looked back. She has become one of Nollywood royalties and from the turn up at her wedding, a very well-loved one.

Rita got married over the weekend in Owerri, Imo State. Despite the long travel, insecurity, high transport fares etc, her colleagues in the entertainment industry were present to support her.

Reeldeel 2022

I was busy writing a blog on politics when the fashion from Rita’s wedding started flooding my timeline. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures so much, that I just had to come gush about them.

I’m sure you’ve seen pretty much all of the guests in their green glory, but as I always say – not the aunty Lulu blog way 😉.

Glammed up

Long before wearing Nigerian brands became popular, Young Nigerians favoured international brands and loved to be seen in the top designer brands of the time. Locally sewn clothes used to be referred to as ‘tailor lo ran’ (a Yoruba way of saying sewn by a tailor pronounced with a British or American accent) 😂😂😂.

In recent times, our tailors have become highly sought after, shedding the tailor title for ‘designers’. We still have tailors and the finishing of the outfit will determine if it’s made by a designer or a tailor 😜.

Can you spot the outfits made by designers and the ones by tailors? Count me out though 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️.

Let’s dig in…

Old Nollywood

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Nollywood Doyen, the ever graceful Ajoke Silva
Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
LIlian Bach, Shan George and Hilda Dokubo

In the late 90s, these ladies used to be the babes in Nigerian movies 😊. It’s great to see how gracefully they’re ageing. I think they’re all in their 50s now, and still slaying appropriately. 💚💚💚

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Ini Edo

Ata rodo herself, clearly my best dressed of the evening. Ini is rocking @xtrabrideslagos and she looks amazing 💚.

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Chioma Akpotha

Chioma the life wire 😊.Gorgeous outfit made by Becca Needles and Stitches, this image does it no justice. ✅💚

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Uche Jombo

Look how well Lanre Dasilva Ajayi stitched up this beautiful bundle of energy, Uche looks beautiful. 😍

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Nse Etim

The always daring to be different Nse looks lovely in Lady Beellionaie. Love the fila flavour.

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Queen Nwokoye

Sighs 🤦🏾‍♀️.

Tailor or designer? 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Nutella Njubigbo

Oh well! 😐

Tailor or designer?

Beautiful friends in aso-ebi

Let’s start dipping into new Nollywood

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Lala Akindoju

This double wrapper dress from Ayaba Couture is creative but the look is underwhelming for me.

Maybe a bigger headgear would have given it more character. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Michelle Defe

Another dare to be different look, this time from beautiful Michele Defe. Michelle is wearing Mai Atafo.

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Ihuoma Ejiofor

Ever radiant and sweet Ihuoma is up next in this design by Purple Lagos.

Common girl, this is 2022, Nigerian fashion has evolved more than this! This look is so early noughties (2001-20010), a very tired look. I still love her though 🤗.

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Susan Peters

Very nice look. Susan is wearing Good Girl Code.

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Onyii Alex

Onyii Alex is, without a doubt, a fashionista to the core.

She was one of the best dressed in her outfit by Veekee James.

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Tana Adelana

Beautiful Tana’s outfit is by MV Stell fashion gallery. I’m hoping the outfit is just not ‘photo friendly’, I don’t like it at all!

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Ebube Nwagno

I like Ebube, I think she’s a very stylish lady and she carries herself so well. This outfit though, it’s a little let down – maybe it’s the flowery shoulder thing, I feel like yanking it off 😁.

Her dress is by 3and4 fashion (Of all names for a fashion brand! How ingenious 😄).

Meg Otanwa

Meg’s outfit is by Ujuestelo. She looks nice.

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Kiki Omeli

Kiki’s outfit is also by Ujuestelo. She looks really beautiful.

Anita Joseph

Anita looks really lovely.

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Uche Elendu

Love, love this look. Uche is wearing Trisho Couture.

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Eve Esin

Xtrabride Lagos made a few outfits for this event and all were on point.

Nice outfit, the ruffle in front is unnecessary though and the twins look like they’re crying for freedom 🤐. 🤣🙏🏽🤣

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
India Aisien

Idia’s outfit is lovely, especially the bodice. But, what manner of headtie is this?

Her gele almost ruined the look for me, but the dress saved the day.

She’s wearing Oge by Oge Official.

Ghollywood was represented

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel

Ghollywood was represented by Lydia. She looks lovely in her outfit by Anasimba by Zita. Very nice look ✅

Big Brother Alumni

A lot of the Big brother Africa/Nigeria end up in entertainment. Most of them become actors whilst others try their hands on music, hosting etc. Some of the BB females from different sets were in attendance and they all looked stunning.

Nollywood honours Rita - #Reeldeel
Beverly Osu

Look at my African Barbie, black beauty. I just like Beverly and it also helps that she knows how to step out.

Definitely one of the best dressed in her outfit made by fabrique by Fabs. 💚✅.

Mercy Eke

Lambo herself! Can Mercy not cause a stir with her dressing 😊? Impossible. She looks fabulous in this outfit by Veekee James.

Tolani Baj

Tolani is another best-dressed contender in this lovely creation by O Obioku.

Lilian Afegbai

Lilian is rocking a designer I really like, Tolu Bally Couture.

The thing is there’s something amiss in her look. I’m just not feeling it, I think there’s too much going on, love the corset, think it should have been left that way, the high shoulder is just too extra.

Just a very busy look it’s giving too much and then nothing.

Eriata Ese

Eriata looks nice in her outfit by Oga Okoro. Wish she’d tied her headgear differently though.

Designers and Stylist

When you’re a designer or a stylist you have to always make a decent appearance. Who can sell your market better than you right? Little wonder this next group dazzled in their outfits.

Which look is your favourite, the gele or the cap? She looks so good I don’t even know which to pick. I didn’t she had snatched best-dressed spit from Ini o!

Mimi Yina

It’s Medlin herself. One thing you can’t take away from Mimi is the fact that she’s got style. She steps out in Xtrabride Lagos. The dress is so lively that I think that cape or wings or whatever is unnecessary. Nice Look Medlin. ✅

Nenji Naallah

Benji’s a stylist with style, no doubt. Don’t you just love this look? Her dress is by Qata Empire. Fabulous look 💚💚💚

Vivien Okafor

Vivien is stunning in this outfit by her brand – Bella vehida

Influencers and Fashionistas

Gladys Lasila

Yet another Xtrabride Lagos piece. She looks good.

Ronde Tiamiyu

She gets it. Stunning outfit. I’m not a fan of fan gele though…

Men were not left out

Swanky Jerry

Swanky’s swag is more than all of us joined together 😁. His second name should be Shakara.

Uti Nwachukwu

Uti dresses well, he looks good. The shoes though 👀.

Chidi Mokeme

He used to be the bloke in a lot of Nollywood movies back then. He’s now 50 and still looking good. So good to see him.😊

Steve Chuks

Well put-together look.

Ike Onyeama.

I saved the best for last 😛. I don’t know if he got the wrong invite. He looks like the head of the waiters or a member of the band 🤷🏾‍♀️

I rest 🥱. We wait patiently for the fashion Kemi Adetiba’s guests will serve us.

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