chief daddy

Anyone who follows the Nigerian pop-culture would have heard about the Chief Daddy Movie Premiere. This is because of the glitz and glamour it came with.

Chief Daddy is a Nigerian comedy about a billionaire industrialist. He was a benefactor to a large extended family of relatives, household staff and assorted mistresses. The Chief lived an extravagant lifestyle until he suddenly died! What’s in the will and who gets what?

Premiere theme

The theme of the premiere caught my attention ‘Opulently Nigerian’. I was keen to see what the Nigerian ‘A’ List actors would come up with.

I wasn’t disappointed though as I was, with the ‘Merry Men’ Premiere – which celebrated the Nigerian ‘Agbada’ attire. The women actually did better than the men for that 🤔.

Without further ado, and especially for my Non-Nigerian readers, enjoy the interpretation of our Nigerian attires by some of our best actors.

I must say though that majority of the outfits had heavy western influence. They were, however, all made in Nigeria and most feature our ‘head tie’. The ‘head tie (gele)’ is currently going through a lot of interesting modification.


Let me start with the styles that stuck strictly or very close to the Nigerian culture;

Chief daddy

Ini Edo is dressed in an Akwa Ibom inspired outfit. I especially love the Calabar ceremonious hair do.

chief daddy

The two Chiomas stayed true to the beautiful Igbo culture by interpreting the popular ‘Isi Agu’ in two different but beautiful styles. They have both used coral beads which is also an important part of Igbo dressing.

chief daddy

Repping the rich Edo culture is the beautiful Omoni Oboli. Most Nigerian tribes use Coral Beads, but the Edo people are very well known for this.


Even though the theme of the night was ‘Opulently Nigerian’, I am not complaining that Juliet Ibrahim decided to rep her home County ‘Ghana’. What a brilliant display of their popular ‘Kente’ fabric. I absolutely love this look.

Toyin Lawani is giving us the Yoruba Regent vibe in her Agbda Aso-Oke. She’s a stickler for the rules when it comes to themes, and almost always gets it right. Kudos to this creative lady.

chief daddy

Stan Nze is oozing some Northern juice in this appearance. The northern men usually wear Babban Riga,(Agbada) and a Turban/Tagelmust like headgear called ‘Alasho. Though his Agbada is not the Northern Babban Riga, there is the Arewa knot, a symbol of the Arewa (Northern) people.

There are so many beautiful tribes and cultures in Nigeria. Not sure if Ufuoma is repping Rivers or Delta all I know is I’m in 😚.

Not even sure if Denola’s look is fully Nigerian, but I love it 😊

Chief Daddy

Ebuka came as an Obi, that means ‘King’ in Igboland. Very good look.

The following looks are heavily western infused but very interesting. The geles (headtie) creativity is brilliant

The two Beverlys look absolutely stunning and the head gears – Brilliant!

Did someone say ‘Be Extra’, and that’s exactly what Toke served, extra and then some more…

How sweet is Kate Henshaw in this outfit? Another really cool head tie 😎.

Lily and Dolapo look really good.


Rita is dazzling us in this outfit and so is the lovely Mo Abudu the movie’s producer. Both ladies totally slayed in their LDA pieces.

And these men caught our attention too 🤗

Dipo Ayo Adeusi brings a cool and modern use of the Aso-Oke to the table.

RMD and  Life coach Lanre Olushola in Agbada.

I’m sure you can tell I’m tired 😋. Hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures.