On my way back from the gym this morning, I missed my step and sprained my ankle. The pain was really intense and I couldn’t move for a few minutes. There was a nice gentleman behind me who saw what happened and offered to call an ambulance. I graciously declined, thanked him, and assured him I was fine. Consequently, I had to call my commander in chief to come get me.

Now the issue is that a sprained ankle is a major inconvenience for anyone – even more so, a stay-home- mum like me. I mean school runs between 2 schools, after-school clubs….. and the list goes on. So CC has to take the troop for swimming lessons today while I have my foot up; sounds like fun right! There’s just one snag though, SNACKING. I only just renewed my gym membership, and ready to get back on the fit fam and now this! Anyway, I hope this ankle heals fast, as the term only just started……