I saw this image on asoebibella’s Instagram page and I was dazed. This is because I have been planning to do a post on disappearing cutlery.

It got me thinking about how many of us on this earth are walking around with the same thoughts! 🤔 That’s why I always say that the fact that someone you know starts doing the business you’re doing doesn’t mean they copied you – not saying people don’t copy, but in a lot of cases it could be ideas they’ve also been nursing but perhaps because of capital, or perfecting business plan or just simple procrastination others start the business before them.

Anyway, what is it with cutlery going missing in homes? When I was much younger, I remember my mum used to complain a lot about missing cutlery. I used to wonder why she complained cause it was a very large household and anyone could take cutlery to school and not return it, or some to their rooms etc. So I had a perfect explanation for it.

Then I grew older and would spend time with my sisters in their homes, they also started complaining about missing cutlery! I also thought it was due to the fact that they had quite a number of domestic staff and of course, some will take and not return.

Fast forward a few years and I’m in my home, it’s just 4 of us and the cutlery keeps disappearing! Even that of the boys! So is their a cutlery ghost?! Does anyone have answers to how cutlery keep disappearing?😕

Credit: Asoebibella


4 thoughts on “The mystery of the disappearing cutlery…..

  1. I definitely have the same issue going on in my house. Especially with the kids. I tried replacing their sets and still kept having the same problem. I had to threaten them eating with their fingers if we run out of cutlery again. lol Anyway, I happened to look into the trash can in the process of getting rid of stuff and noticed my kid’s fork just lying right their……..hmmmm that explains a lot.

  2. So it’s not only me, just 5 mins ago I was looking for a spoon, forget about a fork, I have not seen one today. This needs to be solved before Viners and co start to compete with Apple in income

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