Valentine's Day

One of my favourite memories from secondary school will always be Valentine’s day. I usually recall memories of valentines day because it was a day a lot of the girls waited for eagerly – in anticipation of getting a nice delivery that day. I wonder how it was for those poor Boys then though 🤔, spending their pocket money on the gifts that sometimes went unacknowledged 🤷🏾‍♀️.

The gifts were usually received with a lot of jubilation. Sometimes girls will run to the room of the recipient, chanting a song that literally means “the gift has arrived’ and the blushing recipient’s friends would hold out the gifts one after the other to the cheering crowd! Oh yes, it was that serious! We also had the ‘jealous’ teachers who would be out on the night to seize gifts, so it was always a stealth mission for the Boys – to deliver the gifts successfully. This made it even more exciting.😊

Fast forward to University, Valentine’s day was more intentional then, And the girls were also giving as it was more of exchanging gifts between boyfriends and girlfriends and then dinner and or club. There was always the occasional surprise delivery from secret admirers too.

Valentine's Dat

Before and since we got married, hubby and I have always observed Valentine’s days. Although there’s been less going out for meals since we had Kids, we would always pick up something for each other – well until this year! It’s Valentine’s day and I have nothing for hubby, not even a card, and I honestly don’t feel like getting anything. I did wish him happy valentine’s day, and we both laughed it off over a quick peck. No gifts this year and I don’t care 😱. Did I just say that!

This brings me to a meme I saw which said Valentine’s day is only for under 30s. Is Valentine’s day really for the teens and youths? What do you think, I’ll really like to hear your opinion. Do you still celebrate it? If you do, is it with the same intensity as you used to? Please leave your comments.

Have a love-filled day 😘.

Aunty Lulu.


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s day

  1. Aww happy valentine’s to you sweetie. Our day was much the same as yours, peck on cheek , he off to work but we did have a quick lunch date and I believe even If for an hour,we both had some couple time sans kids and I enjoyed every minute of it. Gifts? No , I dont want pressies, these days time is precious and I gratefully accept the quality time as my gift today and everyday.❤

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