I’m so glad the children are all back in school, yes I miss them but I must confess that a little break from them actually does some good 😉.

I love shopping, and back to school shopping is always quite fun for me – but it was not so much fun this term because I had to take the boys with me, shopping with kids to me is a no-no. I mean the chaos of it all! 😉

Anyway, I got a lot of interesting new products for them this term, apart from our Geox shoes which are always a favourite, my best buy this summer are the name stickers from WovenlabelsUK. I’d used the sew-on labels before, but these stickers are everything. We were asked to label all their belongings – and did I label them! From uniforms, shoes, stationery – even rubbers and sharpeners were not left out! And to top it all, the soldiers love them!  So it’s a win-win.👌

It took me back to when I was in school. We used to write our names on our belongings, but it didn’t stop them from been nicked😊. Guys were gangsters mehn! The extremes some would go to get rid of names were truly innovative!🤣🤣 Good old days 🤔