Back to school

Yes, the day is finally here, well for some of us – as I know some countries have been back in school for a while, whilst some will have to continue with virtual learning. For us though, school gates are now open and I am super excited about it. I am one of the parents who struggled with virtual learning. The projects, having to sit in with my little one, explaining the work to him after each lesson, printing, scanning! I almost went bonkers 🤯. Then there were days when my boys were not very co-operative, it was new for everyone and we all struggled in some way. Well, that explains why I’m thrilled that school is back in session.

COVID-19 Lockdown

The lock-down added with both the spring and summer holidays messed up the routine of most families. Bed-times were extended, wake-up time extended, screen time extended, play-time extended, gosh everything was extended😁! Now we have to go back to status quo, this is going to require a lot of discipline.

My eldest complained about having to return to school routine. His statement made me realize that a lot of things will be different with their generation. I think they are going to change a lot of practice that is normal for us especially regarding education and work. Learning will be less rigid and more digitized as will be working. I see a future where people work at their time and not as formal as we are used to. I see a more virtual future, I mean Covid-19 lockdown has shown us how possible this is. So I see a more casual smart, skills-based and relaxed working future.

back to school

Back to my subject, how are you preparing your children for school? I’ll share what I have done to prepare mine with you and I’ll appreciate if you can share yours especially if you’re in a country that has been back for a while. Please tell us how you and the children are getting on, what has changed? How have the children taken to the changes etc?

Why are schools opening?

Most governments decided to open schools because scientific evidence shows that (COVID-19) presents a much lower risk to children than adults of becoming severely ill. According to, there is no evidence that children transmit the disease any more than adults. However, there will still be risks while COVID-19 remains in the community.

Schools have been asked to put certain protective measures in place to reduce the risk. Schools have been updating parents about these measures, and there is also a responsibility on parents to ensure they do not send a child with COVID-19 symptoms, or a child who has been in close proximity with a Covid-19 patient to school. I am quite satisfied with the measures in place and I’m happy to ship the Boys off to school.

Here are some of the steps I’ve taken to prepare them.

back to school

How are you preparing the children for school

School Supply Shopping

I normally don’t like taking the boys shopping as they complain throughout and then I end up spending more than my budget cause I have to buy snacks and all what not to make them happy and co-operative (not bribe 😋). Then comes lock-down and I was doing more online shopping.

To get them prepared for school, I took the boys with me for school supply shopping. It was actually quite fun, they did not like the uniform shopping but loved the stationery shopping. They were happy to pick their lunch boxes, pencil case, rubbers, sharpeners … We did spend a long time there but it was fun and boy, did they pick some unnecessary things or what 🙄! At first, I kept saying no, and my youngest will kept pleading or sulking but later I just let them pick all they wanted and discreetly dropped unnecessary items at the till.

By the time we got home, my littlest was so happy with his things he said he wanted to go to school the next day 😁. It reminded me of my primary school days when I was always so keen to return to school just because of my cool new school gadgets. Anyway, shopping helped get them excited about school.

Talking about friends and teachers

A week to school resumption I got the boys talking about their friends and how much they’ve missed them. We spoke a lot about their teachers – which ones were their favourite, we discussed their new classes and new class teacher, who they’re looking forward to seeing again etc. I also told them I was looking forward to pick-ups and chatting with other mums and dad and their teachers. These talks helped us all look forward to going back.

A week to resumption, I got the boys started on their homework and some extra work where necessary. We did some work during the holiday, but we stopped at some point so I knew I had to get them mentally prepared for school work again. I made it fun and relaxed for them, (I wasn’t my usual strict tutor 😉). I think this has also helped prepare them for school.


We’ve always been a health and safety-conscious family and handwashing as always been practised religiously in my home. However, I had to remind the Boys to be more conscious of this at school especially since mum and Dad won’t be there to remind them. They have sanitizers which they’ve been advised to use after every break, toilet use and contact with anybody. The school has also put handwashing stations in different parts of the premises and I have told the boys to use this as often as possible.

Sanitizers, Tissues and antibacterial wipes

I’ve also given the Boys tissues so they can use this when they have to cough or sneeze. They also have pocket-sized anti-bacterial wipes to wipe surfaces.

Sanitizers are very helpful but please remember that hand-washing is a better option. Encourage your children to wash their hands regularly, especially after contact or use sanitizers. Some school have told children nit to bring sanitizers as they have adequate handwashing units and sanitizer dispensers spread round the school. Be sure to check with your school to know if children can bring theirs in.

Sleep routine

As I mentioned earlier, our sleep routine has been more relaxed since the lockdown. A week ago we got the boys back to the school time sleep routine. It is important to start at least a week prior to resumption because it takes their body some time to adjust. The first couple of days we would still hear them chatting after bedtime but they’ve now settled back into the school routine.

New normal

Even though children are returning to school and businesses are open, there is still need to be cautious and we’ve let the boys know that things aren’t going back to normal, rather there’s a new normal. I’ve told them to remember that social distancing is still in place and that there will be bubbles(groups) at school and that it’s important to keep to their bubble, reduce contact and obey school instructions even if they are new instructions as the school is doing their best to keep them safe.

Vitamins and immune boosters

Most patents give their children’s multivitamins daily but there has never been a time it is needed more than now, Please stock up on those multivitamins and make sure they’re taken daily.

Vegetables and fruits are food immune boosters, please try to get your children to take sine daily. My boys prefer it as a smoothie which works well fir us because they can have at least 5 different types of fruits and vegetables in one go. Please make this a priority as it helps boost the immune system .

That’s all folks 😊, that’s pretty much what I’ve done to prepare us all for school opening. Don’t forget to share yours and we would love to read your funny stories too, you know kids can be hilarious.

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