A¬†visit to the mall over the weekend had me amazed at the new look all the stores were¬†wearing. Just a few days before, the stores all had Halloween¬†decorations, and now¬†you’ll think¬†its Christmas already🎄!

You have to give it to these¬†businesses though, they don’t mess around. Everything is all about sales, and so every celebration has been over commercialized. It does work though, cause the boys and I were excited.

2019 List

The outing got me thinking about the boys’¬†Christmas¬†list. Oh yes, we have our list already¬†😆, actually, my eldest wrote the lists since¬†September¬†😲! I’m pretty sure he’ll be ready for an update now.

We had to go into a toy store to buy gifts for some of their friends, I had no choice but to take them 🙄. But they behaved, at least no one cried out of the store 🤗, well maybe Because¬†my littlest had this weird belief that they could¬†have a go at the gifts we¬†bought.

Anyway, thankfully, we came out in one piece 😚. So have your children or wards written their lists yet? And that brings me to the next question……

Is Santa Real?

For those of us who celebrate Christmas, do your children still believe in Santa? Or did they ever think the whole Santa story is real?

The boys already know Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus. But we still let them get into the holiday excitement.  My eldest believed the Santa story until we told him earlier this year. His dad and I agreed that age 7 is mature enough to outgrow all these fantasies.

He took it well, even laughed about it. I couldn’t¬†help but think back at how excited he was last year to see that Santa drank the milk he left him. I did enjoy the milk though 😚 and the chocolate¬†cake too as the in-house Santa (I did all the wrapping and decorating so that was a good reward) 😉.

He’s been trying to tell his younger brother that Santa is made up! I’ve had to stop¬†him cause I want his brother to enjoy this innocent period for as long as possible. But as it’s¬†often said, ‘the younger ones grow faster’. I’m sure he’ll still tell him when I’m not with them. – They always talk in bed before they fall asleep. It leaves me¬†wondering what they discuss🤔,¬†but always too relieved they’re in bed to bother eavesdropping 😊.

Do your children still believe¬†in any of the fantasies? Tooth fairy or any other? We also told the big guy about tooth fairy this year, hmm, that’s¬†a lot of growing up for one year!

So Christmas is just around the corner, the excitement is building up already! I was filling the family planner for November and most of the school events are already Christmas based! By the way, I noticed a lot of sales on toys, so I think this is a good time to buy presents for family and friends. let the shopping begin.

How’re you shopping 😉