Hi guys, I have another passion for profession story for you. This time I had a chat with someone I’ll like to call the ‘Legal Baker’. Let’s meet her.

Lara is a banker – with legal background turned baker and mum of 2. She owns Vdcake, a popular cake store she started with her husband.

Lara Olateju

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Omolara Olateju, I am a baker married to an amazing man with two stunning Boys. I worked at Santander for about 7 years, I was actually still working there when I started Vdcake. I later decided to quit the job and focus on building my cake business which I started with a lot of support from my husband.

Why baking?

I have always loved creativity in the kitchen, and enjoy baking as a hobby. At some point in my banking career, I got bored and I wanted something else to do which could also serve as another source of income. I rekindled my love for baking, dived into it, and there’s been no turning back since then.

When did you start baking?

Hmmmmmm, I started baking commercially 15 years ago, I’d started a few years before that, gifting to family and friends. As mentioned earlier, I started baking when I was still at the bank.

Do you still gift to family and friends now that you’re fully commercial?

oh yes, I still do. My nieces, nephews and other family and friends still get cake gifts from Vdcake.

At what point did you decide to take it up as a profession?

Well, I felt I needed more humf in my life aside from my 9-5. After getting serious with baking and receiving good feedbacks from everyone who tasted it, I decided to start baking commercially but I was still in my job. I did this for 15 years before finally deciding to take it up fully. I waited to see that the business could stand on its own, quit my job, and I have been running Vdcake since then. Interestingly, my sons have become quite good at it too, you’ll often see them helping out in the studio.

Lara at work

Did you go through any kind of training?

Not at all, I am self-trained

Is there any baker you look up to?

Wow a lot, the cake community is a big one.

What are your goals for Vdcakes?

We have a lot of goals set, one of them is to be able to gift out knowledge to the younger bakers.

Where do you see your business in ten years?

In big places, bigger presence for VD cakes. Competing as a baker on the global front.

How do you juggle motherhood with running a business?

When I started Vdcake, the Boys were a lot younger. My husband and I both worked around the clock prioritising and supporting each other, but they’re much older now, it’s easier.

What do you bake and which is your favourite thing to bake?

We bake most of the common cake flavours, but our favourite is our wedding special which is our unique blend. We also bake cookies and our cupcakes are pretty awesome too.

Did any of you do any serious baking as Kids or you just picked it up later in life?

I can’t recall baking as a child, it was picked up as an adult and my interest came as a result of my love for creating things in the kitchen, what better way to express this if not baking. My husband did not bake as a child too.

Tell us about your cake tasting session.

We have a cake tasting session for potential clients every first Saturday of the month. Spaces are reserved based on a certain charge which is then deducted from the final balance of the agreed cake.

What do you do when you’re not baking?

A few interesting things that encourage personal improvement. I have a big love for health and fitness.

Advice for upcoming bakers?

To my wonderful upcoming bakers, have a unique style, stick to it and you will stand out.

What do you like splurging on?

Anything with great quality.

Thank you Lara.

Lara is my go-to cake maker. She makes all my family celebratory cakes. Below are some of the stunning creations she’s made for me. Beyond the art and amazing craftsmanship lies a wonderful tasting cake, her cakes taste lovely all the time.

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TO contact Lara

website: www.vdcake.com

Instagram @vdcake

Facebook: vdcake bakery.


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  1. I like this page and the concept. I skillsand expertise is amazing and an encouragement to couples. What greatness you can achieve when there is unity between husband and wife.
    God joy Abi, i am proud of you for the values you promoted. Greater grace to you. Amen.

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