Priya and Kiran, how we met

Today on how we met,

Meet Priya, she tells us the lovely story of how she met her sweetheart Kiran, in her own words. Enjoy


Firstly I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to read this little snippet of my life.

I’m Priya and this is my story of how I met my husband Kiran (K) 13 years ago. We met through our respective families, yes you got that right, ours was an arranged marriage.
Now you may think how would you marry a stranger you know not much about, well my comeback is how do you marry someone you know everything about?? 😎🤣🤣

Here is how it goes…

I was working with my clients in the boutique this one fine day and the next minute I get a call from my Mum asking me if I’d be interested in meeting a certain family and thereafter getting married if things go as per our(that’s me and the guy) liking each other.

I was left thinking, ‘did I just hear what I heard?? Is Mum ok..?’ Random call but obviously not a very random question!😨

And so our families meet at a restaurant and me and the guy (K) get talking. But with so many family members around I was feeling a little restless which I think was obvious because this was the first ever Proposal I was looking at from the marriage point of view or any point of view for that matter.
I think K sensed my restlessness and he asked me and my family if we both could go out the next day and talk (in peace)!

Well, you know where you would find any normal girl next right?! Yes with family and my best friend, I went and met my best friend Nisha and gave her the shock of her life just as I got one 🤔😂, we hug, cry, laugh and repeat. So the night passes by talking to my younger sister of how we will manage without each other as if it was a “YES” from both the families and firstly from both me and K.

Well if it was,  then I was looking at being married off in the next 3 DAYS!😱 No no, it’s not a typo I indeed was married off in 3 DAYS! 😁

The day after…

Next morning I go to work and we meet at a decided place during lunch hour. We go to McDonald’s and sit in the open air area from where I now see my favourite places. Anyways, we get talking about our hobbies, priorities and families and all this time I had been secretly looking at my mobile phone vibrating on the chair next to me with calls/texts(which I read later and still have them) from my Sisters, and my best friend (Nisha now Shreya).

After we finish, no not talking! our burgers I meant lol 😉, we leave from there. We walk to the corner of the road, from where I could see my workplace and I then very directly ask K that he didn’t have to walk me right up to the shop as I till then hadn’t told him or anyone a Yes. And he looked very disappointed… But reluctantly turns around with a little wave and walks off. 😞

After a brief chat with my Dad, over the phone, I tell Dad that I Like K. And we can go ahead if K likes me too and if families are happy too 😚. I also confirmed to my Mum that I was happy to get hitched with K and the news spreads like fire to family and friends.🤗

Everyone is ecstatic at this super quick wedding that was about to take place in 3 days…

Everything was so quick, and it took time to sink in…
When I get back home from work, my Lil sister Raksha, has a sweet surprise planned for me. She bought a cake, flowers, a lovely pair of earrings and a congratulatory greeting card which made me realise that ”this is it”!!!!!😲
We hug each other and cry as we had no idea the previous night that it was the real last night of fun, laughter, coffee, secret chocolate eating, listening to songs till we fell asleep talking…
And then, as they say, the rest is history.


We’ve now been married for 13 blissful years with three beautiful kids.


A small Note for my best half :

Dear Kiran,
“I cannot promise you an easy life, or that I will not disappoint you. I cannot promise that I will be the perfect wife. But I can promise you that I will choose to love you every day.”
Thank you for everything you do every day to make us smile and give us every happiness under the sun.
Much love
Priya 🤗😘


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  1. Roopa, somewhere in your K meet I was a distant spectator too. I remember the glow in your eyes just within 3 days of your marriage. God Bless!…And guess what …that glow has sharpened… 🙂

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