mini-me fashion

Mini-me dressing has always fascinated me. I love the whole idea of twinning with your son or daughter.

It’s a concept that some find awkward or unacceptable, but it’s actually very cool and could be stylish when done right.

It has recently gained more popularity with a lot of the top fashion houses deigning mini-me clothing and shoes. Maybe this is because quite a number of celebrities are seen these days rocking the same outfits as their children.

I have always loved matching, maybe because I did it a lot with my younger sister growing up. My boys usually wear the same outfits and when I can, I get them to wear the same outfit as their dad and thank God he indulges me. (I have a feeling he secretly enjoys it 😜)

A very chic way of rocking mini-me fashion is by wearing matching shoes. Sophia Webster is very well known for this trend, and the designer herself puts up pictures of her and her daughter rocking mini-me fashion.

Please enjoy my pick on mini-me shoes:

Sophia Webster:

Known for her delicate butterfly and angel wings design, she is a leading name in the mini-me shoe game😍.


Most people love the valentino studs, (garavani). I don’t think Valentino does it for kids, but there are so many copies for kids around just as there are Garavani copies.

Mini Melissa/ Vivian Westwood.

The ‘Melissa’ collection is a collaboration between Vivian Westwood and Mini Mellisa. They are very stylish and practical.


Aquazzura mini is just like their adult line ‘playful, yet elegant’ only cuter 🤩

Zaxy Shoes

A Brazilian brand, fun, vibrant and affordable


An American brand of fun, practical shoes with¬†interchangeable baubles, oh yes the baubles are interchangeable! How cool is that…

Mum of boys! Don’t despair, I got you 😋. Not as striking as the girls, but at least we’ve got a little something too.😊




And so many others……..

Charlotte Olympia

Channel, Gucci, Toms, Timberland, Crocs etc.

They grow so fast, so now’s the time to be silly and fun, create moments that’ll last forever. You guys will look back at the pictures with fond memories. Try the mini-me trend😘

How’re you matching 🤗