Hello and welcome to another edition of Nigerian brands I love.

Nigeria’s fashion industry keeps growing and I’m so proud of what our designers are doing. A lot of Nigerians now wear mainly Nigerian brands, this is a big deal considering the fact that a few years ago most Nigerians would rather go for more established international brands.

Is the Nigerian fashion industry where it should be? No, we’re not there yet but we are making good progress. The government needs to do more in creating an enabling environment and standard processes for business owners. In spite of the government’s shortcomings, our designers keep working hard. It’s up to us Nigerians to represent them well and give them the attention they deserve.

In today’s feature, we have two brands I’ve been following closely. One is an Abuja based brand whilst the other is based in Lagos.

Both of these brands make affordable wearable pieces and I love the fact that they both utilise our local Adire (batik) fabric. I’m excited about the recent popularity of the Adire (tie and dye). The Adire fabric is made in the southwestern part of Nigeria. This fabric comes in and out of fashion, but I’m really happy about its recent popularity. I hope the hardworking – mostly women that create this work of art are getting good revenue from it (lookout for a post on the Adire fabric).

Nigerian Brands I love - Mayen Couture and Ire Dire
Women making Adire

Let’s meet them:

Mayen Couture

Nigerian Brands I love - Mayen Couture and Ire Dire

Mayen couture is a ready to wear women’s brand. According to their Instagram page, the brand ‘aims to design clothes for the everyday woman and for social moments and both happen all time’.

The creative mind behind Mayen is Mercy Arinye. Since she started Mayen, she has successfully turned it into a sought after brand in a highly competitive Lagos fashion retail market.

Nigerian Brands I love - Mayen Couture and Ire Dire
Mercy Arinye
Nigerian Brands I love - Mayen Couture and Ire Dire
Nigerian Brands I love - Mayen Couture and Ire Dire
The Motunde Dress

Ire Dire

Ire Dire is a classy chic Adire Fashion brand for today’s modern woman. It was created in 2019 by the beautiful Bola Adefila, popularly known as ‘profitable manufacturer’ an entrepreneur whose love and passion for fashion and her drive for creating thriving businesses led her to start her own brand.

Nigerian Brands I love - Mayen Couture and Ire Dire
Bola Adefila

She is popular for modelling new designs by her brand, a strategy that works well for her as her clothes are always sold out almost immediately after posting a picture.

Nigerian Brands I love - Mayen Couture and Ire Dire
Moi in Ire-Dire Top

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