talent, passion, interest

And now abideth talent, passion, and interest, and the greatest of them is… 😃.

I’m starting a column celebrating women who have followed their passion or talent and have made successful businesses out of it. It got me thinking of these 3 main career drivers. They are; talent, passion, and interest.

Talent is a natural ability at something without being taught. It’s simply skill, flair, a high degree of aptitude. It’s something you’re born with that comes naturally to you without trying too hard as someone who has no talent for it. Cool right 😊!

Passion, ‘in this context’ means an intense desire or enthusiasm, eagerness, zeal or gusto for something. It could be for a particular sport, arts, music or anything.

Interest is the feeling of wanting to know or learn about something or even someone. It is to be curious about something.


The most important

Which of them is the most important? Which is more likely to guarantee success for an individual?

Personally, I think none is more important than the other as it is what an individual makes out of each one that determines success.


Everyone has a talent. Interestingly, some find it early in life, build on it and become successful or famous for it, some find it early but do nothing with it, some find it late and become successful at it while some go to their grave without finding it! This makes it rather fascinating in the sense that how can something that is meant to be natural be so elusive 🤔!


Passion is easier to ascertain because of the personal pleasure derived from it. Interestingly, I think there’s a higher likelihood to prosper more at something one is passionate about than someone with a talent for it 🤨. The reason is that passion usually walks with dedication and fervour.  An example is sports. A passionate person is more likely to succeed at sports than a natural because their passion will drive them through the necessary training, abstinence etc. A talented person could lose interest because of the strict rules and guidelines and make nothing of their talent or not just put in any extra effort.

A little caution here, because passion can be extremely consuming.  It can be so intense and consuming that it becomes an obsession resulting in neglect of other areas of life like family and friends or even other potentially lucrative businesses. Passion can be destructive if not balanced properly. It can lead to unfulfillment and frustration. 🙁


Most people are earning or making a living from their Interests. It requires more dedication than the other two because it neither comes naturally nor is it something we really enjoy. It is more dynamic though, as you can actually earn from several interests.

Interest is usually in someone else’s passion or talent that you decide to invest or you notice a gap in the market for a product or service and decide to fill that gap or something you go for because you don’t know your talent or passion but seems quite interesting like me studying law 😊. Interest can pass with time but if approached sensibly, the benefits can be for a lifetime.

Best solution

Lucky is the one who has mastered them all 🤩. An example is a pop star whose obvious talent is singing and is making good money from it, not talented at acting but is so passionate about it that everything is put into training to be one and thus becomes successful at that too. And then develops an interest in other things like fashion, real estate etc and is making good money from a clothing line and property investment. 🤑


All three ‘drivers’ are important and something can be made from any of them as long as there is dedication. They all require hard work and training which is basically skill development.

Whatever it is you find yourself doing, even if you’re a natural at it, you still need to train. Hone your skills, develop yourself. Stay on top of the game….

Gosh, I’m beginning to confuse myself 😵🤯. All I’m trying to do is introduce a column 😅. Hope I made a little sense.

Please stay tuned as we meet some amazing ladies doing what they love…

tips for finding talent

  1. Try new things, make new relationships. Don’t be a wallflower 😉
  2. Take notes, write down your activities, thoughts, and ideas.
  3. Don’t look down on any hobby or interests.🤗
  4. Get rid of all unnecessary distractions that take too much of your time. (I still miss candy crush and farm heroes 😪)
  5. Stay around positive people that encourage and motivate. Sometimes it’s other people that notice an individual’s talent.😏

How’re you earning …😉


6 thoughts on “Talent, Passion and Intetest.

  1. Classic piece and very much needed in this part of the world. Not at all confusing, oh. Personally, its a poignant wake up call for me. I’ve never really thought about my talents until I read this. And now I’ve realized I do not even know what my talents are. For a dyslexic like me who functions better doing different things at a time, I’m passionate about some things and I have interests, hobbies, etc. But natural talents? I cannot think of one that I have. I’ve dreamt and still dream about pursuing my hobbies but never get the chance and time to do so. Funny how we admire celebrities who worked hard and honed their talents, when God made sure it is evenly distributed in all of us. Sincerely, thank you for this piece and especially for the pointers you gave on how to discover our talents. This means a lot to me…better late than never. Oops, hope I’ve not said too much.

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