health talk with Adeola

Dr. Adeola has been busy as questions have been pouring in…

How often should ladies have their health checked, and which checks should be done? Amy

Dear Amy,

At any age, we should all be health aware and report any concerns or anything we notice that is different.  Amy

However, from my experience, general female health awareness (including self-breast examination ) starts from the late 20’s to 30’s. Unless otherwise indicated.

Cervical smear starts around age 25 and the recall is every 3years till age 50 when it becomes every 5 years. Routine mammograms usually start from age 50-70, but if during a self-breast examination at any age you find a breast lump then mammograms may form part of the investigations.

It is recommended that everyone has a general health check from age 40 and the frequency afterward will depend on the health status of the individual after the initial health check. Whilst the general Heath information is applicable in most countries, my advice may be slightly biased towards the Uk healthcare system.



Hi Adeola, do you recommend taking vitamins for general well-being and digestive issues? If so, could you list a few, please?  Simi

Dear Simi,

Vitamins are essential for your overall health. Most people can get all the required daily intake of multivitamins in their usual healthy diet.

Deciding to take supplementary multivitamins can give a boost to everyday body functioning and improve one’s general wellbeing which includes digestion. Any over the counter multivitamin supplement that contains Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, K will suffice.

However specific digestive issues will need specific considerations before advice on specific multivitamins can be offered, if applicable.


Dr. Adeola Oginni.