Brands R us

Do you find yourself reaching out for popular brands as opposed to the store or less popular brands when shopping? Then you’re just like most of us 😊. Don’t feel guilty for we are legion – brands r us 😄.

What is your grocery cart like?

I never thought being a brand snub was a thing until my husband accused me of being one. I would always come home with the better-known brands of whatever item I was buying. So in my shopping cart, you would see the Hovis, Persil, Andrex, Kellogg’s, Heinz etc. If your grocery shopping is similar or contains the better-known brands then you – my friend – are also a brand snub.

When researching this article, I came across different names for brand supporters. There are brand whores 🤐, brand loyalist, brand enthusiasts, brand tribalists etc.

Brand Whores

According to Urban Dictionary, a brand whore is someone who buys and prominently displays name brand products (or products that feature large corporate logos under the belief that such loyalty to a label or corporation is a cachet and brings prestige to their otherwise lack of taste, regardless of the actual quality or value of the products. This is more common in fashion.

Are you a brand whore? Well, today is not your day, I’m coming for you soon… 😁

Brands R us

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is when you are loyal to a brand. It is a belief in a brand’s continuous quality and success regardless of competitors actions or changes to the market. This loyalty could be as a result of continued usage over a long time (probably used by family) or you just tried it and it works very well for you. There is an ultimate belief that this brand’s craftsmanship and mission are top-notch and the products are of the best quality.

Brand Snub

A brand snub is a person who will ignore lesser-known brands or store brands for bigger and more popular brands regardless of quality assurance. This could be any type of consumer goods but in this context grocery. My post today is focused on brands snubs.

The different products stacked in most shopping aisles will leave most people spoilt for choice. The human brain is most times drawn to the flashier or more attractive packaging or products that have been seen before which is where advertisements work well. If you’re shopping for an item that you don’t have a personal preference, you’re very likely to go with one you’ve seen advertised before.

That’s how the big brands make their way into our homes. Through advertising and attractive packaging. At that moment when you’re having to decide on a product out of the many smiling at you, a shopper (especially one in a hurry) will most likely grab the one from any of the big brands. But are they better than the store brands?

Big Brands Vs Store Brand

Store brands are the products made by a grocery store or chain e.g Tesco whilst big branded products are the ones made by big and well-known corporations e.g Kellogs.

Why do people prefer more popular brands to buying store brands? I personally think that people look down on store brands because they feel the products will be of poorer quality than the better-known brands. I was of this school of thought until my husband called my attention to it. I decided to give the store brands a trial and my pockets have been happier for it.

You really can save more from buying store brands. I have found out that the products are cheaper, not necessarily because the quality is poorer but because they are able to reduce costs in distribution and branding. Basically, they do away with the frills that bigger brands are known for which is why the packaging may look less attractive, the product itself is very good.

The store brands now have different shopping level from value to premium all less (most times) than the bigger brands.

Products you don’t need a big brand for

Brands R us


Cows are cows and you don’t have cows that produce premium milk 😃. You’ll still get the same kind of milk from cows. In this instance when you go fo a bigger brand, you’re just paying for the brand name as far as I’m concerned. The store brands also have all the options available in the bigger brands; Organic, skimmed, full etc.


The difference in prices of store-branded water and big brands is quite much and it baffles me that people will still buy the big brands! It’s just water! H20, went through the same processing so why go for a more expensive brand?

Salt and Pepper

Salt is salt, it tastes the same to me as does pepper. Why then do people go for the big names when you can save (no matter how little) from buying the store brands 🤔.


Can bleach be bleachier than bleach 😁? There’s a big difference between the prize of store bleach and bigger brands but I really don’t think they’re any bleachier than the store ones. Bleach is bleach and so is toilet freshener.

Pain Killers

Store brand paracetamol or that from the big pharmaceuticals, which do you go for? I used to go for the big brands myself well until the lockdown shopping madness when paracetamol was unavailable for weeks and you grab whichever one was available. I got the store brand and it worked as well as any brand, no I didn’t grow 2 horns after taking it 😛. Since then, I only buy store-branded pain killers. This is also the case with flu medication and I think most medication.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is toilet paper, I know they’re some with low quality but the store brands have different ranges from value to luxury. The luxury range is still cheaper than most of the big brands and I can assure you the quality is up to par. The only time I buy big branded tissue is when there’s a really good deal (how I’ve changed 😊).

Brands R us

Freezer bags

Freezer bags, Sandwich bags, bin bags and the likes are items you use and dispose of after every use. Why buy big brands then? If the store branded ones does the job why buy a more expensive one?

Brands R us


I have found out that store branded juices are as good as any brand out there so why pay more for it? Moreover, they’re sourced locally and require less distribution/transportation therefore fresher than bigger brands in my opinion.

Tesco 100% fresh Orange juice in Tesco supermarket. UK Stock Photo - Alamy


I’m a reformed brand snub although I must admit that there are still some items that the store brands don’t do it for me. I’ve found that most stores don’t get beverages like tea and hot chocolate right. Apart from products with cocoa, the store brands work well for me and I get to save a few pounds in the process.

We all have different tastes and preferences. There will always be a few favourites that you can’t do away with (that’s where brand-loyalists come in). However, there is no harm in trying out the store brands when doing your next grocery shopping. Flour, milk, eggs, sugar etc. Try the store brand. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Happy shopping 😘.

Aunty Lulu.

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