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Hey you, how are you doing? Hope the year has kicked off good for you?

I started this post last year, it was titled ‘Christmas Fashion’ and was meant to give ideas of what you could rock at Christmas. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t wrap it up and I have now tweaked it a bit to get you camera-ready – some fabulous outfit ideas for your photoshoot!

Photoshoots are fast becoming an important part of our lives, if we have learned nothing else during these Covid times, we have learned how fleeting life can be and how important every moment is. A lot of us are now more deliberate in documenting our joys, milestones and everything else hence the popularity of photoshoots.

Life – in the past few years – has dealt some of us blows, but no matter how it has been, there is always a reason to rejoice, even just hoping tomorrow will be better, is a reason to be happy.

So, are you planning a photoshoot anytime soon? If not maybe you should think of it – a family shoot, corporate shoot, birthday shoot, maternity shoot, graduation, anything, just dress up, smile and have some fun. Photoshoots are a lot of fun now – photographers now encourage people to come with friends (for personal shoots), you can have food, music and definitely lots of laughter.

Without further ado, let’s get you camera-ready 📸.

Clothes clothes clothes and even more clothes!

There are so many great outfit ideas, your outfits could depend on a theme or you could just pick anything without a theme, your choice. The whole point of a photoshoot is to document stages or milestones in our lives and to do it in style. You should not look the way you do every day (I know you look good everyday 😘), but do you glam up every day? A photoshoot should be planned and a lot of thoughts should go into your outfit selection.

Let’s get into it…

Kaftans, Boubous, Kimonos et al.

This set was in the Christmas post but I decided to leave it. You know at Christmas there is food everywhere you turn. Canapes, fabulous meals, desserts, cocktails, goodness me, the mouth can hardly get a break at Christmas. And then, a Hero shows up, the Kaftans, Boubous et al, all funkified to give what people now call ‘Rich Aunty Vibes’. They drape your body stylishly giving you the chance to eat all you want in peace.

These attires also look good in photo shoots, Here are some of the best out there…

They come in different colours and are the most forgiving regal boubou you can find. I thought I’d start with the Lanre Da silva Victorian Tulle Dress. We also have Huebyidera, Abaya, Mimi Kasu, Onyx by Valentina, Yutee Rone, Hue Clothing, Kwamuhle RTW, Morayo Aso-asiko (Renaissance) and Jbyjak.


What’s a photoshoot without a statement dress right? No one does classy timeless pieces better than Lanre Dasilva-Ajayi. I’ve also added pieces from Sheye Oladejo, Onyx by Valentina, Stitches by Laura, Weizdhurmfranklyn, Mazelle Bridal, Anne Cranberry and the Ladymaker.

Something sizzling

It’s getting hot in here 🔥 🔥🔥.

If you would like to take it up a notch (I’m not the one saying you should be nakeding o.😜), more bling, more skin, more razzle-dazzle 😉? Then this next set is for you…

No one does dazzle better than these three designers, Matopeda, Tubo and Veekee James. This trio top the favourite list of a lot of Nigerian fashionistas and celebrities. Here are some of their show-stopping, eye-popping outfits…

And then some more from Sheye Oladejo, Tbally Couture, Emagine by Bukola, Erica Moore and Xtrabride Couture.

The tailored look

Is your shoot a corporate one or do you just want a tailored look for your shoot? I got you…

When it comes to bespoke suits, Mai Atafo is the maestro, be sure to check him out. I also have stunning looks from Mimmi Kasu, Julyet Peters, House of Nini and Sense of humour by Vainblackboy.

Girls just want to have fun

Are you adventurous? Do you want a fun, colourful and playful shoot? You can get vibrant apparel from DNA by Iconic insanity, Gozel Green, Fia Factory and Onyx by Valentina.

All of these outfits are made in Nigeria. The talent back home is unbelievable, I had to stop myself from flooding my page with too many images. Kudos to our Nigerian designers who are creating eye-popping outfits every day, I was literally spoilt for choice!

So, when are you planning your shoot? Go on then, find you a great photographer and have fun at your shoot 👍🏾.

Musing 🤔

Maybe my next post will be about the best photographers in Nigeria, or maybe not, I can’t do all the work for you now 😁.

Aunty Lulu



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  1. Thanks for this steer. Styling is such a tricky thing. It’s so easy to get a statement outfit wrong. There are a number of stylists that can be called on to crystallise your vision and curate pieces for a truly memorable shoot. Perhaps a blog on stylists and photographers in &

    1. You’re spot on. It’s always better to work with a stylist, the best ones don’t come cheap though . Thanks so much for reading, I’ll definitely put a post out on stylists .

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