In honour of Oluwafesofaiye Aderuyi Osunsalu.

Feso was a lovely soul, a 300 level International Relations student of Greenfield University Kaduna. He was in his room – at their hostel when bandits stormed the private University on 21st April 2021 and abducted 23 students. The bandits later contacted the school, demanding a ransom of #800m for their freedom. Unfortunately for Feso and 4 others, he did not make it out of the kidnappers’ den! Their abductors decided to cut short their lives because their demands were not met! This is Nigeria’s fourth kidnapping from an academic institution in 2021, and the fifth since December 2020…

Who was Feso?

Feso was a charming young man who wanted to be a journalist, his dream was to work with an international organization. He was a gentleman with a heart for God and his kingdom. Time away from class or studying was mostly spent in church. He loved gospel music and was an ‘Angelical Dancer”.

Angelical dancing, also known as Praise dancing is a liturgical or spiritual dance that incorporates music and movement as a form of worship rather than as an expression of art or entertainment. Praise dancers use their bodies to express the word and spirit of God. This was Feso’s passion, and he formed his Angelica Dance Minstrel “House of David” which he was very passionate about. Feso totally embraced this form of worship and would dance with all his might.

Oluwafeso doing what he absolutely adored, worshiping with dance

Feso is a relative of mine, His uncle (mum’s brother) is married to my sister and so we are related by marriage. His family have been devastated since this unfortunate occurrence, especially his inconsolable mum who only just lost her husband less than a year ago. His sister Gbemi described him as a calm, jovial, reserved, caring and loving boy, ‘he was just a happy soul’ she added. All his aunties and cousins had nothing but good things to say about Feso. Feso was just one of those people that you could hardly find any fault in, he genuinely cared for everyone around him.

The ‘Greenfield Students’ as they’ve been tagged by the media have names. Just like every other person that has been murdered by insurgents, bandits or ritualist, they are people’s children, brothers, sisters, nephews, friends, people’s grandchildren! It’s heartbreaking to see how these young dreamers’ lives were unceremoniously cut short by heartless bandits who have been indulged by an inept government.

Where is our humanity gone?

A browse through the news these days will leave the most optimistic person depressed. Abductions, rape, sexual assaults of minors, ritual killings and the likes fill the news. It’s like humans have started losing their humanity!

The main difference between humans and animals include our ability to reason as well as our capacity to feel and show empathy. Our ability to love and have compassion has always been one of our greatest quality. However, with recent events, it is beginning to look like we’re fast losing these intrinsic abilities, how are we different from animals then! Some animals would never attempt some of the acts humans now indulge in.

In saner climes, harming any animal is unheard of. Birds fly freely, Squirrels scurry around happily even foxes sometimes make dens in people’s gardens but no one can touch them as there are consequences. In Nigeria, the present Government has failed to protect its citizens! Banditry, kidnapping, ritual killings and the likes have become the order of the day. Everyone is living in fear, and brilliant minds are fleeing the country in droves in search of not greener pastures anymore, but safer pastures.

For Feso - A beautiful life cut short
Oluwafesofaiye Aderuyi Osunsalu – 17th February 2000 – 26th April 2021

Feso and his friends’ lives were taken without any thought. The countless sleepless nights, celebrations of milestones, efforts, prayers, love and devotion of their families thrown away like it was nothing, These were bright young minds with dreams and aspirations. They had plans, they had hopes of changing the world in their own way but this was taken away from them callously! Their sin – they wanted an education, but their government failed them. The government made no effort to get these children back home, they left them in the hands of heartless bandits, they were left to perish.

Till we meet again

I pray the remaining students are returned to the safe arms of their families soon. I do not want to imagine the trauma they’ve been through, seeing their peers picked and slaughtered right in front of them, staring death in the face, probably torn between praying for death or an escape, anything to end their ordeal.

This is for Precious Nwakacha, Sadiq Muazu, Yohanna Dorathy Tirnom, Abubakar Yusuf Sadiq and our very dear Feso. Victims of a totally spineless and uncaring government. You lived, you loved, you were here and you will always be remembered.

For Feso - A beautiful life cut short

Rest well, Feso, dance with the angels now, that’s what you loved to do! Dance on Son, dance…

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10 thoughts on “For Feso – A beautiful life cut short

  1. I pray for comfort to all those who loved Feso. This is a great tribute but a hard read, like most news these days. I sincerely hope for the safe return of the remaining students.

  2. Its so hard typing R I P feso my boy.hmmmm,u called a day before u were kidnapped.little did I know that was d last time I will ever hear ur voice…ever since I heard about your demise,Iife has not remain the same.thank God u loved God so dearly,and I know u re dancing with the angels in heaven.i ll miss u feso.thank u for miming my song “you are great by Janet white”. Aunty Janet will forever miss in peace my boy

  3. That faithful day I met the young man called Feso was one of the remarkable moment, with a smile we exchanged pleasantry.

    Warm, calm, lively and respectful fellow to the core.

    The smile greeted me like a sparkling thunder not knowing that heaven will soon gain a soul barely a month when we met.

    It was devastating moment when the news got to me that faithful evening but heaven gained a soul.

    Those that kill by the sword shall die by the sword.

    Too early to say RIP but we have to for the angels rejoice.

  4. Feso!you love God so dearly ,You were loving,the way you talk about God admires me …but you were cut short , you’re my child hood friend your family were nice to us ,so painful when I heard this I know your soul rejoice now Rest In Peace may God console mummy and your sisters in Jesus name Amen.

  5. Heart breaking!!! So sad that the government has not been able to put an end to this evil and pure madness. May his soul and all the souls lost in this ordeal rest in perfect peace amen.

  6. I’m very thankful to God that I met you…you were so unique and different from your mates, You loved God so much and I know you’re in heaven dancing with angles. You are forever in my Heart….. Engee misses you. Rest in Power

  7. May his gentle soul rest in peace, indeed a good friend i have lost and I pray God consoles mummy……

  8. The spate of insecurity in shocking. May God console the family. God have mercy on us in this country! Terrible Govt!!

    1. The spate of insecurity is shocking. May God console the family. God have mercy on us in this country! Terrible Govt!!

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