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This morning, I was chatting with my boys, as we normally do Whilst getting ready for school when my eldest shocked me by saying “mum, I looked you up on Google yesterday” 😵. “What!” I said.

He explained that during their free time, he and his friends decided to search for their parents’ name on google. My mind went blank at first… What a let down that would have been- cause he wouldn’t have found anything – I thought. “So what did you see,” I asked anyway. He was smiling at me as he told me how he found information about my book, saw a lovely picture of me and he told his friends his mum is an author…

My mind went back to the 1st time he saw a copy of ‘Mum, My Superhero” and how proud he was. He asked me if he could sell some copies to his friends so he could make some money 😎. That day was one of my happiest, I’ll add him telling me how he read about my book on google to the list.

I’d never searched my name on google before that day because, for a long time, I’ve felt like an underachiever. Even after writing this beautiful book, I didn’t feel a lot better about myself. I thank God for using my Son to open my eyes to see myself in a better light and appreciate his grace upon my life.

So of course immediately we got in the car (hubby was driving) I searched for my name and I saw what he saw. He searched for Abi Adewoye (people call me Abi here in the UK as my husband did not want me to go by my usual ‘Bimbo’ because of its derogatory meaning in English). It’s basically just pages where you can buy my book, my website URL and a few images. But I was content. This is only the beginning. I hope the next time he checks, they’ll be more ‘inspiring’ information about his mum on google.

Responsibilty to Children

As parents, we have to be mindful of our actions and even utterances because, nowadays, everything ends up online. What will your child see when they search your name online? Is it something they’ll be proud to share with their friends? Or information that will embarrass them and scar them forever…

Remember, children look up to their parents and also tend to copy them. No one in this world is perfect, but we can all try to live a life that our children are proud of, and can emulate.

Now I know I have to work harder not just for myself, but for these two and others like them who God has put in our care with a responsibility to guide and lead in the right direction.

Mum My Superhero

So have you bought the book? Remember it’s the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, mothers day etc. Do you have a friend or sister who is overwhelmed? Motherhood is hard work and can be quite exhausting, why not get them a copy of the book as a gift. Reading the book will cheer them up and so will the fact that they’re in your thoughts.

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Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. You cannot begin to imagine how much it means to me, you guys rock 👌🏾.

Aunty Lulu


Mum, My Superhero has to be the best book I’ve read about the realities of motherhood.
Written in simple language, and clearly from the heart of a mother, the book documents the daily sacrifices and the never-ending jobs of mothers across the world. It also captures our struggles and skills of time and people management we seem to have been born with…in a fun way too!
If ever you could take a break from ‘duty’ and bask in the cape of a superhero so deserved, or simply for the pleasure of reading a good book, then this is the book to pick up.
Mrs Morenike St. Michael (Head, Pastoral care and Admin Springhall British School Abuja)