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Today,  Dr. Adeola responds to a question asked by a blog visitor.

1. What are the contraception options and which is best for women.


Thank you for your question Bimbo.

1-Choice of contraception should be unique and individualised. The choice of contraception is usually agreed upon by health care professional and the client after considering the following; menstrual pattern and characteristics , mood changes, weight, child-bearing intentions, other co-existing and previous health conditions, lifestyle habit eg smoking , current medications , daily routines : eg remembering to take pills daily as opposed to medium and long-term methods (3 monthly , 3 yearly , 5 yearly or longer or indefinite methods ) etc .

That explains why we talk more about ‘best contraception’ for the particular lady in question rather than ‘a blanket best contraceptive method’.
The link below takes gives you comprehensive information on the available contraceptive methods and all the information to make an initial informed decision before consulting with a health care professional about the one that best suits.

2. Are there other types of protection for men other than condoms? (Why does it have to be women using contraception adding to our more than enough hormonal changes)?


2- Generally for men, there is the temporary option of condoms and the permanent* option of vasectomy.
*see more details in the link above .

I think mens’ health seeking habits are different from women generally, and they are less likely to visit the doctors as often as women do. Women visit their doctors for various reasons some of which are : women visit the doctors more often for menstrual problems during which they are likely to discuss contraception as a treatment method, women visit for post-natal reasons and they are again likely to be offered contraception, and they visit more often for reasons related to their babies ( baby checks/immunisations ) and also with their teenage daughters and again contraception discussions often surface during such interactions..

These may have an impact on why women are more likely to take on contraception as well as the obvious fact that it’s the woman’s body( as well as lifestyle) that is affected by the effects of uncontrolled pregnancies.

I hope this helps .


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1 year ago

Aunty Lulu this is a very interesting topic which every woman can relate to. A married woman wanting to plan her family would rely on some form of contraception. Ladies ( married or single , young or old ) with extremely heavy periods are sometimes prescribed a form of contraception to help manage their periods. This topic is so relevant to women however which of these different types of contraceptions should a woman stay away from. I remember some years ago I was offered an IUD that had a hormone inside it and would slowly release into the body. The… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  admin

Thank you Dr Adeola for such a thorough and enlightening reply.
I feel more confident on this issue rather than worried.
Good job Aunty Lulu!!