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Hello everyone, it’s been a while. We have done well enough to get to where we are now given the circumstances of the last few months. I believe we have come out stronger. We have settled into a new way of life and a new routine. With the relaxation of most of the restrictions, lots of people are ready to take a leap into what they think is some form of normalcy, but did I just say ‘normalcy?’ well, that word is set not to exist in the immediate foreseeable future.

The legacy of the coronavirus is edged in our consciousness and everyday life, and rightly so too – at least for now. It still exists and it is still being passed on from persons to persons. There is still some worry regarding the possibility of a second wave of the disease. Whilst it appears the world is now better prepared should there be a second surge, it is important to be aware that the virus too is getting more clever.  For most viral infections, development of an antibody (due to previous exposure and infection) confers immunity against the disease, however, for COVID-19, it is not quite clear yet how long the immunity would last for from a previous exposure so individuals who have survived a previous exposure with or without symptoms should also still exercise caution.

We should remember this virus is still fairly new so no certainties or guarantees as yet as to what way things might go so we can’t feel confident that we are completely prepared and on full guard, therefore, we shouldn’t let go of our guards just yet. Staying intentionally alert rather than being unnecessarily worried is key.

health talk with Adeola - caution

So much ado about COVID. For most people, the mode of working has changed significantly with many people working from home, fewer places to go and continued closure of the Gym and Swimming pools. It is important we touch on how to keep healthy and reduce risks of adverse health outcomes related to being more sedentary (and eating more!).

health talk with Adeola - caution

A more sedentary lifestyle is associated with obesity and increased risks of cardiovascular diseases eg Diabetes and Heart Diseases. We need to cultivate healthy eating habits, lots of information on a healthy diet can be found on GOV.UK as a starting point.

We should try to incorporate into our daily routine some form of exercise to keep fit. There are a lot of free resources on the internet that can guide to safe exercise regimens that is doable at home, if in doubt your health care professional or exercise trainer can guide you on what you can and cannot do if you have some health limitations, but generally simple exercises is thought to benefit everyone irrespective of their health status. Going outdoors for a walk in fresh air is rejuvenating.

 We also need to exercise our minds and our intellects by keeping mentally active and alert either by reading or being creative or playing brain-teasing games. With more computer screen home working and zoomed homeschooling we should also remember to care for our eyes by visiting the opticians for eye checks or ringing for advice regarding safe screen use.

From my experience, a lot of people have refused to respond to calls for immunisations, annual health checks, chronic disease monitoring or blood tests because they are worried about leaving their homes to visit health care settings. It is important to note that once you have been invited for these activities then the benefits usually outweigh the risks. Also, modifications to the ways these health care activities are being carried out have been set out around strict safety measures in the health care setting, some are done virtually or by telephone or video reviews. Parents should be encouraged to take their children for their usual vaccinations as the childhood illnesses being vaccinated against are still very much in the community despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Everyone should remain health aware.

I wish all of us well as we all embark on the next phase of being out of lockdown.

Please keep safe, keep well and if any concerns seek help early.


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Dr Adeola was recently featured in a professional website for doctors in the UK. In the article, she shared her account of how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected her family and working life. Read here

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  1. I appreciate Adeola’s words of caution during this period of relax lock down. Thanks also ,for the useful and timely information this blog provides.

  2. Thanks for the health tips. We should not let go of our guards as there is no endorsed covid 19 vaccination yet.

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