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Hiya people, how are you doing? I’m doing pretty well, thank you 😉. I’ve been busy with secondary school transfer exams for my eldest. It’s called the 11plus here in the UK and if you want a good secondary school for your child, then it’s a big deal! From getting your child to practice, to applications (which requires a lot of research) and then attending open days to see all the schools in consideration…I need a holiday from the whole process, and I’m definitely eligible for a top grammar school 😋.

So, we’re currently in the middle of the school term and the school run is in full swing! Do you have kids that you drop off and pick up from school? Or, are you responsible for or do you help someone either drop or pick their kid from school? Then you probably know what I’m on about this afternoon. The school run is a regular trip in which parents take their children to or from school each day

The school run is different for different people. For some, it’s a stroll to and from school, some cycle or scoot, some have to drive whilst some go by public transport. This post is about what the school run is to me.

The School Run - A time to enjoy or endure?
Loool, is this true?

The School run

I have come to really like the school run. I enjoy the drive and the chit chat when the kids are in the car. Now, the drive to or back alone – priceless! That’s when I let my hair down and allow myself be Abi and not mum.

The drive back is usually spent listening to my favourite prayer groups. The drive to pick them, goodness me, that’s when the 90s music plays on full blast and am rapping loudly all the way. sometimes it’s Rand B, sometimes Yoruba hymns or praise and sometimes it’s just quiet, I just relax and enjoy the silence. I like getting to their school early, gives me a good choice for parking. This also makes me observe the different parents picking up their precious children, I love it.

Obviously, we drive to school. Whichever medium you use to get your little humans to school, what do you do with that time? Do you enjoy or endure it?

I have found the school run to be priceless. In my case, school trips take between 25-40 minutes (depending on traffic). This gives me a good amount of time with the kids which I have come to cherish. The school run has now become a time of bonding for me and the boys.

The Morning run

The morning run is different from the afternoon run. I don’t always do the morning run, but hubby and I do the same thing on this journey. When I was a little girl, devotions were an important part of our days. We would start the day with morning devotion and end with another devotion in the evening. The morning devotion required an early rise, it was therefore not popular with me and my siblings. I wish I could do the same with the boys but we always have to leave the house early so we usually do our devotion on the morning run.

For people of faith, devotions are very important. That’s the time you talk to God, thank him for a new day and pray for a blessed day. This important act of faith is encouraged for the whole family. As ideal as it is to be done first thing in the morning, with preparation for school, the best time for it, when it’s not rushed is on the school run. We sing a few choruses, get each one of them to pray and round it up with our own prayers.

The morning run Is also great for spelling practices, times table practices and whichever preparations are necessary. Then comes sharing words of affirmation, reminding them to be kind and to do to others what they’ll like done to them. We also remind them to be confident and stand up for themselves. Then the hugs and see you later. Freedom…


Every relationship needs space for it to flourish. Yes, even parent/child relationship. As much as we love our kids, they are a lot of work. What this work entails is quite different at every stage of their development. Whatever stage they are, a break is necessary for both parent and child, their time at school offers this necessary recess.

Afternoon run/Pick-up.

The afternoon pick-up run is usually different. They’re tired, they’re hungry and getting any information out of them can be tasking. But that time is very important. A parent has to use whatever trick possible to reach them. You can go with a snack, (they’re always hungry) lol. Tell them about your day and then ask about theirs.

That’s the most important part of the school run for me, I ask about everything, who they played with, what they had for lunch, the lessons they had. I ask about their teachers, the sport they did (on sports day).

I find that the more I ask, the easier it is to get through to them, I laugh about whoever was silly, (even if it’s not funny) I cajole every information out of them, that’s how I know what to work on and what to celebrate.

Now tell me, how do you look?

Now, how do you look on the school run? I read an article recently about a school head who wrote parents asking that they stop wearing pyjamas to school for school drop off. Her reason was that it does not set a good example for the children. I read that other headteachers in the borough joined her by sending similar letters to the parents at their schools.

The School Run - A time to enjoy or endure?

Hilarious, isn’t it? So would you wear Pyjamas to drop off your kids?

Personally, No. The look the boys will give me if I try it is enough to discourage me. The reason they would think I’ve gone bonkers is that I have made it clear that pyjamas are strictly for sleeping. It is our responsibility as parents to ensure children know what is expected of them, and what is acceptable or not. This should be embedded at home as children soak up what they see or hear at home.

Except you’re attending a pyjama party, there’s no reason why your pyjamas should leave your house. I’m with the headteacher here, no matter how much of a hurry I’m in, I’m not dropping the kids in pyjamas!

Mums on the run

Inasmuch as Covid (through remote working) has encouraged more dads to do the school run, the ratio of dads to mums is still low. You always see more mums, with a sprinkle of dads on any of the runs, especially pick up. In other words, mums still rule the school run. These are the different mums I notice:

The fitness enthusiast

She’s always in her workout outfit and would usually run home from school or drive straight to the gym. Smartwatch ✅, earphones ✅. She looks darn good in her activewear too. You know her right, Sweaty Berta, loool.

The Leggings Crew

Can we give a resounding applause to the inventor of the almighty leggings? Good old leggings is a lifesaver. It accommodates any frame and remains loyal whether you’ve added a pound or two. This is where it tops its not too distant cousin – the skinny jeans. Whilst the leggings will forgive all our weight sins, the skinny jeans will rat you out 😁. What’s not to love about our beloved leggings. Little wonder most mums are found in this with a comfy top. We’ll call this group ‘Snug Susans’.

Working mum

She rushes in and out and is always corporately dressed and always rushing for a meeting. There’s never a hair out of place and her child/ren look as impeccable as she does. Can we call her Sensible Shade. Sensible Shade now works from home most days, but she still manages to show up with no hair out of place.

The dog walkers

They’re usually tugging at the dog lead or holding their dog whilst some of their children’s friends coo over, and try to pat the dog whilst they smile with pride. Should we call her Pawfect Pam? 🤔

The active wear wearer

Activewear ✅, trainers ✅, sweat bands✅, ponytail ✅. She’s always in activewear, the thing is she’s not doing any exercise 🤐. She’ll probably show up for pick up still in her activewear. Y’all need to come up with a name for her, that’s your assignment. 😅

The yummy mummy

Can I call her ‘Fancy Nancy”? She’s the mum in the latest fashion trend. Hair is always on flick as are her nails and make-up. She always looks nice, smells nice and is nice to everyone.

The Quirky Mum

She is the non-conformist mum. Her fashion, her rules. You never know what she’s going to show up in, but you know it’s going to be interesting. She most definitely will show up in one of her colourful jackets or vibrant oversized sweaters. She’s Bohemian Bibi.


Don’t we love them all, how boring school runs will be without our different mums. Not forgetting the Executive dads, the cool dads, the grumpy dads and geeky dads 😃…

Which one are you? I am all of them depending on my mood. My school drop off style is usually activewear, however, if I’m not going for a run afterwards then leggings r us 😚. However, I try to make an effort for pick up now. The boys notice and always commend my dressing when they like it. That counts right, show up in a way your child will be proud of.

I love school runs, and I’m trying to enjoy this stage of my children’s lives as much as possible because they grow so fast. Whoever is showing up to pick them – gangster Lulu, rapping to Notorious BIG or Tu-PAC, virtuous mum Abi who just finished listening to her favourite hymns and praise songs. Perhaps it could be stoic Abi, who had been lost in her thoughts all through the drive. Whoever shows up, dons her cape as soon as she alights from the car and is back to full mummy mode the moment she hugs her still very energetic boy.

Whatever mood I arrived in, all is forgotten as I engage my not always cooperative boys on the drive home.

What do you like about the school run, please do share…

Aunty Lulu

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  1. Such an easy read. I smiled through it entirely.
    I am so glad I’m not the only parent that does devotion in the car, we sing up a Holy storm!

  2. Love the write up. Mine is usually under 20 minutes or thereabouts. When J was in public school, they had school buses. Now in private school, I’m the ride. We don’t get out of the vehicle so I don’t see much. We call it the car pool line, even if it’s not a car pool. Lol. What I see are tons of luxury vehicles. And I love cars, so that literally feeds my soul. Lol. Who needs people?
    I’m in line right now and I peep a Bentley!

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