The 94th Academy awards (Oscars) has come and gone and what an impression it has left us with!

The situation between Will Smith and the host, Chris Rock took over mainstream media leaving the winners and the fashion in a dull shadow.

Do I have an opinion about what transpired? Of course, I do, everyone has an opinion about it and so do I. It was an unnecessary interruption to a pleasant evening. As a woman, I have put myself in Jada Pinkett’s shoes to see how necessary this was, and no matter how I have tried to support Will Smith’s outburst, I just cannot. A little reassuring gaze or nod of support should have sufficed, If my husband decides to storm the stage as Will did, I would have jumped from my seat and done all I could to stop him.

Jada probably didn’t know her husband’s intention, but seeing him get up in anger was enough to make her try to pacify him in whatever way. A day we’ve been hoping and praying for, your day of glory! Common, it’s a No-No. The night was too important not to ignore a twat. There are better, more mature ways to address grievances. However, relationships come with their own different dynamics, to each their own. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Let’s Talk Fashion

Thankfully, more drama was averted thanks to the efforts of sensible men around Will, and the show continued. We had a favourite receive his first Oscar (Samuel L Jackson). There was a very vibrant red-carpet and so much more. So without further ado, I present the hot fashion from the 2022 Oscars, Auntylulublog style 😉.


Pink with a dash of red and purple 💗💜💕

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Lily James in a Versace gown and Piaget jewellery.

How beautiful is Lilly James in this sweet Versace gown! Her choice of outfit gives her an ethereal look, she blended the soft pink colours so beautifully. That’s how you execute a pink monotone look.

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Mila Kunis in Zuhair Murad.

Mila Kunis looks gorgeous in this pink Zuhair Murad dress. I even like the train (not a fan of trains), she looks like a screen goddess. Great look Mila 🧡💯

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Becky G in Etro

She looks stunning, that dress sits perfectly and is gorgeous.

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Zoë Kravitz
Following a streak of all-black looks worn on The Batman press tour, Kravitz wore pink Saint Laurent – and Kwiat jewellery.

I had to look at this image again to be sure it’s really Zoe Kravitz! How refreshing to see her in such a vibrant colour.

Zoe has always gone for the edgy look, she actually looks uncomfortable in this look 😁. It does need some getting used to, nice one Zoe, glad you switched things up.

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Serena Williams
Wearing a plunging Gucci gown.

Love this girly flowy look on Serena, it commands attention but not too much as to upstage nominees and past winners. A lovely attire for a guest at the Oscars. ✅

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Kirsten Dunst
In a frothy red vintage Christian Lacroix gown (haute couture autumn/winter 2002) and Fred Leighton jewellery.

Oh Kirsten, what a tired-looking frock! Kirsten Dunst has never really been a fashion girl, but as a nominee, she should have made more effort.

It’s a lovely dress though, just looks a bit too regular for her nominee status. (Looks like something we’ve seen on Reese Witherspoon before) 🤐

Tracee Ellis Ross
In a postbox-red sculptural Carolina Herrera gown, Louboutin heels and Niwaka jewellery.

Oh, Aunty Tracee (she’s my aunty in my head). If I could pick an aunt in Hollywood she’ll be my top pick, She just looks like she’ll be a lot of fun. Plus, she’s foine and Aunty is a baffer (do you remember that word) 😂😂.

I adore this look, another perfect monotone execution. Perhaps that cleavage could have been given a little extra fabric though. 😍

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Ariana DeBose in custom Valentino haute couture.

Now that’s how you show up when you want to make a statement on the red carpet. Ariana took a different turn from the usual dresses we see on the night to give us this remarkable red ensemble. 😍

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Jennifer Garner in Brandon Maxwell

Jennifer looks beautiful in this red dress by Brandon Maxwell. Another great guest look.

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Jessica Chastain
Wearing a sequined ombrĂ© Gucci gown. 

I’m so used to Jessica wowing on the red carpet that I was shocked by this disco/prom-like dress she wore.

It’s A little underwhelming for me, especially for a nominee. I like the bodice though,

Demi Singleton in a Miu Miu gown.

🎵Forever young, I wanna be forever Young 🎵. Demi looks radiant in her purple Miu Miu gown. She looks young and fresh and I like it.

Saniyya Sidney in Giorgio Armani Privé.

Oh to be Young again 😁. I’ve always embraced ageing but these girls are making me miss my teenage years!

Saniya and Demi (previous image) have on beautiful girly dresses. They look happy and well and I just wish them a very happy and long career. Go girls! ✅

Grin with envy 😁


Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Jada Pinkett Smith
In Jean Paul Gaultier.  

Another monotone look and it’s in my favourite colour this time 😁.

I’m not a fan of this dress but Jada looks beautiful in it. The volume on it though! She’s such a pro that her petite frame handles it with so much grace. 💚

Paloma Garcia-Lee in an emerald custom-made Patrick McDowell dress. 

I l💚ve this shade of green, there’s a golden tone to this emerald and I approve ✅. Gorgeous look.

Tiffany Haddish In Dolce & Gabbana.

Why do I feel like Tiffany is about to start belting ‘unbreak my heart!’. Her hair is giving the Toni Braxton 90s vibe. It goes well with her lovely green dress and that perfect necklace.

I like it, a different but nice look. 💚

Go bold or go home 💛🤎

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Lupita Nyong’o in Prada and De Beers jewellery.

This dress is lovely, I’m not a big fan of shimmering gold dresses but I like this one. I love her updo too yet , something seems off! 🤔

I think I’ll blame it on the make-up, wrong lippy or what do you think? 🤔

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Julianne Hough In Pamella Roland

Juliane looks amazing 😍

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Queen Latifa

Beautiful Latifa, she carries herself with such grace! 😍

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Regina Hall in Vera Wang gown.

Yet another graceful guest look, Regina Hall gets it right in this Vera Wang gown. 🤎

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Nicole Kidman
in Giorgio Armani Privé.

What’s going on here, why is our Hollywood royalty – Nicole looking so drab?

No, it’s not because it’s grey, I actually like grey, the dress just seems off. Nah, not feeling this.

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Sian Heder
in Michael Kors Collection dress.

Sian looks like a walking disco ball 😊. It’s actually quite nice.

Monochrome in all it’s glory

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Renate Reinsve in Louis Vuitton.

This look is so feminine, monochrome looks don’t usually look feminine in my opinion, but this, 🖤🤍. It’s girly, flirty, fun and serious at the same time. Love it.

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Venus Williams in Elie Saab and Tiffany & Co. jewellery.

Whoa, what a lovely dress, suits her silhouette perfectly too. It shows off a lot for Conservative me, but I like it, she wears it so well.

Can I yank off that hair though? It almost destroys the look! A sleek bun would have been perfect.

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Zendaya in a Valentino haute couture.

Just look how Zendaya has grown into a Hollywood superstar right in front of our eyes! How cool is her outfit! It’s fun and still maintains some classiness, and her poise! 👌🏾 Hi Zendaya, you’re just too cool 😎.

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Uma Thurman
Wearing a silky shirt and maxi skirt by Bottega Veneta.

Uma Thurman disappears from our screens and our lives for some time only to return looking like a sister wife (Big Love fans).

She looks like the red carpet matron, she’s going to be picking out the scantily dressed stars for punishment 😂. Good to see Uma, she looks good.

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Kristen Stewart
Looking punky in Chanel.

A lot of monochrome on Oscar night isn’t that crazy! I like Kristen’s look.

Not so moody blacks 🖤

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Cynthia Erivo
Wearing an offbeat look by Louis Vuitton.

How this works on a red carpet I don’t know but Cynthia sure knows cause she pulls it off perfectly, spot her nails 🤍🖤.

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Sophia Carson in Giambattista Valli
Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Penélope Cruz in Chanel.

Can someone ask Penelope what she’s been drinking cause she has to share with us, she looks like she has not aged one day since we last saw her on the red carpet.

She’s still as beautiful as ever but this Chanel bow dress, not so much. She looks like she’s strolling to her local store for some supply. Penelope used to wow us on the red-carpet. I guess she spoilt us and now we won’t accept anything less. Don’t do it again Penelope!

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Wanda Sykes in Sergio Hudson.

Wanda’s Fro 💖. Her fro still remains one of the best ever and when it comes to carriage, she’s got. She looks lovely in her tux. 🤍

Two Hollywood matriarchs looking regal in their very appropriate outfits.

A little skin.

Now the Oscars are known for traditional, formal dressing, it’s a Black tie event after all! In recent times, we have started seeing more and more skins, blame it on the millennials 😁.

A few of the outfits this year would not look out of place on the Grammy’s red carpet (which is a bit more relaxed).

Top Looks from the 94th Academy Awards 2022
Emilia Jones in a cut-out custom Dolce & Gabbana dress.

Love this look on Emilia.

Megan Thee Stallion in a gown by Gaurav Gupta.

Halle Bailey in Roberto Cavalli dress and Chopard jewellery.

Couples on the red carpet

It’s date night 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽. I

love spotting couples on the red carpet and there were quite a couple of couples this year 😉.

Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

Love these two.

Denzel and Pauletta Washington
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith
Molly Sims and husband Scott Stuber

Olivia Colman and Ed Sinclair 

Jamie Dornan & Amelia Warner

Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst

Kevin Costner & Christine Baumgartner
Samuel L. Jackson & LaTanya Richardson Jackson

Oh Mummy Jackson 🤦🏾‍♀️

Wilmer Valderrama and fiancée Amanda Pacheco

Nicole Kidman and Keith

Jay Ellis & Nina Senicar

Staying true to the culture

Jessica Oyelowo and David Oyelowo.
Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh

Sultry Extras 🔥🔥🔥

I’m tired, bye-bye 😁.

Aunty Lulu

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