For the love of books.

for the love of books

I remember how my voyage into the world of books began…🤔

It all started with the fairy tales collection. I remember my sister and I read those books till the lovely covers ripped off and the books were worn! Dad got us a collection of stories from around the world, I enjoyed reading every one of those stories.

Then I passed through Malory Towers with Darrel, and of course got into all those pranks with the twins at St Clare’s. Read a bit more of Enid Blyton, Naughtiest girl, Magic Faraway Tree, and of course Famous Five and Secret Seven.

Books books books…

In primary school, we girls stuck to each other and didn’t really play with boys. How lucky was I that my favorite cousin then was neighbours with a boy who had a very interesting library. He was the one that introduced me to Nancy Drew. Of course, I got neck deep into her adventures with her cousins and I also got hooked on Hardy boys. By then I would read anything, I loved TinTin, Asterix, pacesetters and pretty much any book I could lay my hands on.

It started getting more interesting as I got older and started reading the romance books. I read a few mills and boons and temptations which a lot of girls where really into, but it wasn’t really my thing. I absolutely loved the historical romance books. Thank God for book clubs that were cropping about then, and most of them stocked up on these novels that I loved so much. I moved to Sidney Sheldon, and boy did I read his books! I still read a bit in University and even when I started working,

Somewhere along the line, I stopped reading. Don’t know what happened, but not only did I stop reading, but I must confess I became intellectually lazy! But I have recently started picking the books again, I started buying novels which I realised I couldn’t keep doing, but now I borrow from the local library where am spoilt for choice. l’m even now writing my own short stories, something special for mums.😊

So, there you have it, the story of my love affair with books, do you like reading? What do you read, let’s hear your story…

for the love of books

The mystery of the disappearing cutlery…..

The mystery of the disappearing cutlery…..

I saw this image on asoebibella’s Instagram page and I was dazed. This is because I have been planning to do a post on disappearing cutlery.

It got me thinking about how many of us on this earth are walking around with the same thoughts! 🤔 That’s why I always say that the fact that someone you know starts doing the business you’re doing doesn’t mean they copied you – not saying people don’t copy, but in a lot of cases it could be ideas they’ve also been nursing but perhaps because of capital, or perfecting business plan or just simple procrastination others start the business before them.

Anyway, what is it with cutlery going missing in homes? When I was much younger, I remember my mum used to complain a lot about missing cutlery. I used to wonder why she complained cause it was a very large household and anyone could take cutlery to school and not return it, or some to their rooms etc. So I had a perfect explanation for it.

Then I grew older and would spend time with my sisters in their homes, they also started complaining about missing cutlery! I also thought it was due to the fact that they had quite a number of domestic staff and of course, some will take and not return.

Fast forward a few years and I’m in my home, it’s just 4 of us and the cutlery keeps disappearing! Even that of the boys! So is their a cutlery ghost?! Does anyone have answers to how cutlery keep disappearing?😕

Credit: Asoebibella


Sprained Ankle

On my way back from the gym this morning, I missed my step and sprained my ankle. The pain was really intense and I couldn’t move for a few minutes. There was a nice gentleman behind me who saw what happened and offered to call an ambulance. I graciously declined, thanked him, and assured him I was fine. Consequently, I had to call my commander in chief to come get me.

Now the issue is that a sprained ankle is a major inconvenience for anyone – even more so, a stay-home- mum like me. I mean school runs between 2 schools, after-school clubs….. and the list goes on. So CC has to take the troop for swimming lessons today while I have my foot up; sounds like fun right! There’s just one snag though, SNACKING. I only just renewed my gym membership, and ready to get back on the fit fam and now this! Anyway, I hope this ankle heals fast, as the term only just started……


Back to school

Back to school

I’m so glad the children are all back in school, yes I miss them but I must confess that a little break from them actually does some good 😉.

I love shopping, and back to school shopping is always quite fun for me – but it was not so much fun this term because I had to take the boys with me, shopping with kids to me is a no-no. I mean the chaos of it all! 😉

Anyway, I got a lot of interesting new products for them this term, apart from our Geox shoes which are always a favourite, my best buy this summer are the name stickers from WovenlabelsUK. I’d used the sew-on labels before, but these stickers are everything. We were asked to label all their belongings – and did I label them! From uniforms, shoes, stationery – even rubbers and sharpeners were not left out! And to top it all, the soldiers love them!  So it’s a win-win.👌

It took me back to when I was in school. We used to write our names on our belongings, but it didn’t stop them from been nicked😊. Guys were gangsters mehn! The extremes some would go to get rid of names were truly innovative!🤣🤣 Good old days 🤔


And I’m live….

I'm live

Whao! it’s certainly great to be live on the “myauntylulu blog”.

I really didn’t see this coming, but somehow, here I am blogging 😏. Welcome to my blog where I intend to share a bit of myself, my likes, dislikes, and just anything and everything 😁