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Do you remember my post on photo-shoot fashion? One of my dear readers had asked that I follow it up with a stylist and photographer’s guide which I have now done, well, the First part 😚. It helps that Nigeria is a country filled with some amazing talents in every stratum.

Photography is not left out as there is a talented photographer everywhere you turn. As big as that industry is, I have managed to compile a list of my favourite photographers in Nigeria. A browse through their respective socials will reveal one awe-inspiring picture after the other.

Come with me…

Toyin Sokefun Bello – TY Bello

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Popularly known as TY Bello, Toyin is a singer, songwriter, photographer and philanthropist. Prior to pursuing a solo career, she was a member of the now defunct gospel band KUSH (Kinetically Ushering Salvation into Hearts and Homes).

She obtained a degree in Economics from the University of Lagos, and briefly practised journalism before taking photography as a career. Her journey into photography began when her band disbanded, a time when photography was not regarded as a profession. She went on to create an enabling environment and platforms for upcoming photographers to showcase their work.

TY Bello, who has photographed three sitting presidents, was the official photographer for former President Goodluck Jonathan.

She is highly sought after for photo shoots and is your go-to for an ethereal shoot.

Credits: @tybello instagram

Henry Oji – Bigh Studios

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Big H Studios is a fashion, beauty and portrait photography studio based in Abuja.

BigH Studios is led by Henry, who supervises a team of photographers. The studio offers Individual portrait shoots, Corporate shoots, Family shoots, Baby and child shoots, Pre-wedding shoots and Wedding event coverage.

His journey as a photographer started after he got married in December 2011, when he purchased his first camera. Photography to him then was an interest. It later became a strong interest and grew from a strong interest to a passion.

BigH is very popular for his Postures when taking pictures. He will go to any length to get the perfect picture.

If you’re after the whimsical or fairytale effect, look no further, BigH is your man.

Credits: @bighstudios

Kelechi Amadi Obi

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Kelechi Amadi-Obi is a leading Nigerian creative photographer, painter and artist of international repute. He studied law in school, and even though he knew before the end of his law degree that he would eventually go into Art, he still went through law school before beginning his career as an artiste which later developed into photography.

If you’re aiming for a magazine-cover-like photo shoot, look no further.

Credit: @kelechiamadiobi

Emmanuel Oyeleke

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Emmanuel Oyeleke is a photographer and Tech Enthusiast with an enviable clientele. His Studio has worked on fashion magazines, editorials, look books, beauty and lifestyle campaigns for international brands, high-profile events and portfolio work for Non-profit organizations.

His career as a photographer was by pure happenstance. Emmanuel used to play Scrabble professionally. This entailed travelling to different locations for tournaments. A desire to bring back memories from these trips through photography is what piqued his interest in photography.

Emmanuel then attended a two-week photography workshop in Lagos, quit his job as a computer programmer and began working as a freelance photographer. Today, he has cultivated a skill for creating breathtaking posed imagery.

If a futuristic-themed shoot is what you’re after, this is your guy. His work is just exquisite, seeing is believing.

Credits: @emmanueloyeleke

Eleanor Goodey

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Like many on this list, Eleanor’s career as a photographer was also by chance. With a natural affinity for writing, Eleanor set out for Paris to study photojournalism with a plan to own a magazine. The course involved studio classes, she fell in love with photography and thus began her journey as a photographer.

Eleanor is great with family portraits and children’s photography.

Credits: @eleanorgoodeye photography

Jokotade Shonowo – Poshclick Photography

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Jokotade Shonowo is a microbiologist turned photographer. She has been curating beautiful images of women and their families for over 12 years.

She’s the founder and Creative Director at Poshclick Portraiture: a leading photography company that specialises in capturing the beauty, essence and soul of driven and accomplished individuals. She understands the need for image solutions; as a result, she’s vested in helping her clients feel beautiful, powerful and confident which in turn helps them show up powerfully and ready to take on new opportunities and seasons.

Poshclick Portraiture offers wedding photography, personal branding / corporate profile, family portraits, glamour portrait, kids portraits services amongst others. Most of PoshClick’s clientele are everyday women who love to celebrate memorable milestones of themselves and their families.

PoshClick’s portfolio includes work with brands like Meta Nigeria, Google West Africa, African-American Institute, Sterling Bank, Transcorp, MTN, VACC, Pan Atlantic University and many more.

Planning a fun family Christmas shoot or corporate headshots? Poshclick thrives at these.

Credits: : @Poshclick

Molten Studios

Banke Meshida-Lawal

It’s not the wrong list, trust me! I was as surprised as you when I found out Banke is the brains behind Molten studios. Banke is no stranger to most people (especially women) in Nigeria. For years, she has reigned as the N0 1 make-up artist in Nigeria.

Making women’s faces her canvas for that long has given her a deep understanding of lightning and angles. It is therefore not surprising that she has found herself in the world of photography. Her frustration with waiting for photographers to send images of her work is actually what pointed her in the direction of photography.

From taking the pictures of the beautiful ladies that sit on her chair, a new passion developed and the end product is Molten studios.

Molten studios is in-demand for their portraits, it’s a no-brainer right! she knows her clients’ best angles from touching their faces during make-up sessions, so she’ll know how best to capture them.

An unending List

The list of talented photographers in Nigeria is endless. In actual fact, they are everywhere on social media. This is just a list of the popular ones that I follow their work.

Which ones will I use?🤔 For a personal shoot/birthday shoot I’ll go with Emmanuel Adeleke or bigH. For a family shoot, I’ll go with Eleanor or Bigh. If I want a corporate headshot, I’ll do Poshclick. Now, for a fun photo shoot say for the blog, I’ll definitely go with Eleanor or Poshclick.

Here are some other great photographers;

Libraneye Photography

Credit @libraneyephotography

The Alfe – Alfe Studios

Credits: @the.alfe

Mike Yoshai

Credit: @mikeyoshai

Tobi Olaojo

Credit: @tobiolaojo

Anny Robert

Credit: @anny_robert

Tosin Junaid


Kunmi Owopetu

Credit: @kunmi.owopetu

Thank you.

Aunty Lulu

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  3. Ty Bello is the only one on the list that I’m familiar with her work; Great to know that there are many more like her! Well written as always! Love the pictures!!!

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