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We got another question from a blog visitor and as usual, I have decided to post it so we can all benefit from Dr. Adeola’s response.

The question came from Dr. Adeola’s post on Menstrual Cycle.


Hi Dr Adeola, Thank you for this post. I noticed that whenever I indulge in sweet food just before my period, it gets heavy and lasts longer. Does diet affect Menstrual Cycle? I also noticed that my cycle changes sometimes. Is this normal?

Hello Ola, thank you for your comments.
With regards to your questions;

Question 1

So far there hasn’t been any medical consensus as to whether diet affects menstrual patterns or cause dysmenorrhea (painful periods). But this relationship has always been described by females so it may well be a big factor to personally consider when managing menstrual problems individually.

The medical literature and practice seem to pitch on the side that menstrual pain is not caused by nor have any association with sweet foods etc. We do know medicine is still not always able to prove associations or casuality in every circumstance yet we know bodily symptoms do occur that medicine is unable to explain or indeed resolve so this may be one of those kinds. So if you notice some food/sweets or anything makes your periods heavy and/or prolonged, my suggestion will be to avoid those prior to the periods.

Question 2

Menstrual cycles and period patterns can change due to fluctuating hormonal levels, this can be normal and expected in many circumstances. For example, as we age – as early as from our thirties, it can also happen with contraceptive use, use of some medications etc.

However, there are certain circumstances where changes in cycles and menstrual pattern especially when persistently haphazard may be a sign that one needs medical opinion and generally an individualised approach to defining what is normal or not should be adopted by consulting with your doctor.

I do hope this helps…



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