Changes – what does it mean to change? Is it to adjust or advance? Maybe to develop or diversify! Change is all that and more… According to the Oxford dictionary, ‘Change’ is an act or process through which something becomes different.

Changes occur every day and in all spheres of life. One sphere that goes through regular change is Fashion. One day this is in, the next day it’s out. It’s referred to as ‘change in trend’.

In my last post about the Golden Globes Awards, I mentioned that I don’t follow trends. Trends are a big part of fashion and for a lot of people, it goes hand in hand. I used to be very much into trends. It was hard not to, I’m a 90s girl and the 90s trends were amazingly cool 😎.

Who or what dictates trend.

Who determines trends? ‘Trend’ means ‘a general direction in which something is developing or changing. It is a particular style and fashion that is popular at a particular time. The big fashion houses and magazines initially dictated trends. That has now changed with the popularity of fashion bloggers and celebrities – meaning anyone can start a trend now. As long as you have an impressive social media presence and massive followership, you can easily influence ‘trend’.

I became aware of fashion trends quite early, I think it was because I had older sisters who were into fashion and style. I still believe that the 90s had the coolest fashion trends of all time. Here are some of them.

Please enjoy 🤩.

Pops Swatch
  • Pops Swatch: This was popular late 80s/ early 90s. I was in Primary School when it was ‘the thing’. They are colourful watches with big faces and were called ‘Pop’. The Swatch wristwatch company launched the Pop Swatch and they were one of the coolest things in vogue at the time 😋.
  • Send down the rain Flip flops: I don’t know what these sandals were called back then but I know them as ‘send down the rain’. I’m not even sure why we called it that name, I’m thinking Majek Fashek probably wore them in his ‘send down the rain’ video. Anyway, these colourful elastic strap sandals were very popular then and every kid wanted one. They usually had different coloured straps. Unfortunately, I could not get a picture of these cool sandals. If you know the real name of these sandals, kindly leave a comment 😉.
  • Leggings/cycling shorts: Thank God for this 90s trend that has refused to go away cause till now I can live in leggings forever. They came in different bright colours then. As silly as the cycling shorts trend was, we rocked it. They were usually worn with a baggy top and waist pack that would probably hold a walkman 😎. Good old days.
  • Waist pack: They were colourful and fun like most late 80s/90s fashion, and they were the accessories to have back then. I think that’s another 90s trend that is still in use.
  • Jelly shoes: This was an early 90s trend. Rubber shoes (PVC) that came in different colours. Some were black though on some kind of mini platforms. There were cool back then. After a while, cheaper versions flooded the market making it a cool trend that everyone could rock.
  • Chokers: Thank God no one choked themselves during the choker trend 😁. There was the black velvet one with the big pendant and then the rubber coloured ones flooded the market.
  • Dungarees: Gosh, this trend was made popular by the TLC girl group back then. Every girl wanted to have it, as a matter of fact, every girl wanted to have all the TLC baffs back then 😋.
  • Plaid shirts (lumberjacks) think Xscape, Naughty by nature and all those cool hip hop groups then! They made these shirts so cool. Bonus point for you if you tie them around your waist 🤩.
  • Crop tops: The late Aaliyah was so popular for this trend. Remember her killer Abs? Well, we still rocked this trend with our ‘eba‘ abs, and of-course behind our parents back 🤐.
  • Shaba skirts/slits: The high slits became the thing sometimes in the late 90s. Skirts and even dresses were not spared from the slits 🤩. Got a lot of kids in trouble, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl gotta do 🤷‍♀️.
Slitted Skirts
  • knapsacks/backpacks: Remember those little bags that were so popular in the 90s. I remember a particular valentines day back in Secondary School, a popular senior was the envy of all girls when she got one and a pair of Clogs as part of her presents 😋.
Back pack
  • Bandanas: Bandanas were really popular in the 90s 🤩. I actually enjoyed this trend because bandanas are so cool and can be rocked in various ways. Does anyone remember bandana tops over your hipsters 😎?
Bandana top
  • Cargo pants/Combat shorts: Cargo pants and combat shorts were also very popular in the late 90s/early 2000. Brandy, Monica etc. especially made them the item to get.
Cargo Pants
  • Camouflage: They came in different colours and styles. Tops, bottoms etc. The trend was very popular and a hit with both ladies and guys making it even more interesting.
  • Butterfly Accessories: Remember those butterfly clips that were all the rage back then 😚. They came in different bright colours, some tops and bags even had them😚. Really pretty trend.
  • Pedal Pushers, Capri pants, Ski pants: these different trousers style rocked at different times in the 90s but were all popular and widely worn.
  • Coloured jeans: first it was the stone wash, and then we were all used to blue jeans. Then out of nowhere came the coloured jeans trend. A few smart babes started dyeing their blue jeans 🤩. I remember people discovered a way to spot originals😅.
  • The designer trend: Before the Guccis, Fendi’s and now Offwhite, Supreme etc became popular, young adults have taken interest in designers and they always come and go. We had the likes of Fubu, Rocawear, KarlKani Jeans, Fila, Phatfarm, Wuwear, Seanjohn etc. And then came the Polo (Ralph Lauren), Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberlands, Jordans etc. Of course, our industrious people in Aba and China had their own versions 😀.
  • Clogs/mules: Super popular trend in the 90s. While clogs are big and chunky, mules are sleek and narrow. Both were popular about the same time in the 90s.


Remember the skirt over trousers (thanks to Brandy and co, and the satin blouses, mini skirts, soul2soul, Bob (hairstyle), boots, waist-coats, Neon Accents, Platform Heels, Bell Bottoms… I could go on and on. All cool fashion from the best time ever, ‘The 90s.

A lot of the 90s fashion was influenced by popular music stars. Teen Movies and Tv shows such as Clueless, Sisters Act, Beverly Hills 90210 etc also influenced trends in the 90s. Did I miss out any of your favourite trend from the 90s? Please leave a comment.

I just can’t finish this post without a piece of banging music from the 90s, and there’s no better one than Tupac’s ‘Changes’ because as we all know, nothing stays the same – things always change.

Enjoy 😘.

Changes song by 2pac.


DJ Blink-Blink



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  1. Oh! The shaba skirt was such a big deal for me. My sister passed on a pair of lovely clogs that I paired with it…those were the days

  2. Nothing beats the 90’s trend as you have rightly said.
    Thanks for taking us back,especially the clogs and shaba skirts,brought back fun memories.

  3. Me definitely love me some 90s trends , Oh those jelly shoes , thanks for bringing back fond memories

  4. To think I wore everyone of them except the butterfly clip. I never realised I was such a trend follower. This post is fun but really insightful, we never know how much trends and other people influence us and that we don’t always have a mind of our own at least in fashion . The jelly shoes for instance , I had so many colours but I never wore some of them because I found them uncomfortable. Bimbo keep them coming

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