I love relationships, I mean living is all about relationships – we have to be in some kind of relationship to exist. Family relationships (Parent/child, siblings) friendships, acquaintanceships (colleagues, teacher/student, boss/employee) and romantic relationships. Relationships are unavoidable as life itself starts with a relationship.

All relationships are important and should be nurtured. All relationships require some kind of effort from the parties involved in them. They all require communication, respect, support, trust and boundaries. One relationship that I find intriguing is the parent/child relationship, For indeed, all of humanity is reliant on this relationship. It’s a cycle, it never stops, people have children, raise them, the children have their own children, raise them… It is unending, if it should end, then that’ll mean an end to our existence.

In-Service of their Royal Highnesses

In Service of their Royal Highness

I find the parent/child relationship interesting because it is a service of love. It’s a unique bond from birth that is nurtured over the years. Oftentimes, I sit in my car (especially during pick up) and watch the excitement on the faces of both parents and children when they meet again after a few hours of being in school. I observe the love and pure joy on their faces, the protective way the children are guided home.

On the weekends, I can’t help but marvel at how parents shepherd their children to different activities. You see the ones riding with them or even carrying their bike or scooters (just because they don’t feel like it anymore)! There’s the parent holding a bag filled with goodies and other essentials. The one you meet at the doctor’s appointment, trying to either entertain or calm their child. They’re in the restaurants, at the airport, the supermarkets, leisure areas, they’re everywhere! Parents in service of their royal highnesses.

In-Service of their Royal Highnesses

Love is beautiful

The parent/child relationship really just amazes me. The love that comes with it – right from the time a woman realizes she’s pregnant. The trust that comes with it – you see it in a child’s eyes every time they look at their parent. The responsibility that comes with it – taking care of a child from cradle till they find their feet. Just the wholesomeness, and dedication and pure love of a parent to a child and vice versa.

Isn’t it amazing how we can love so many people but so differently! I love my husband to bits, I love my kids to bits, I love my siblings and parents to bits too. I also still have enough love in me for my friends and family that are very close. Yet, the love for each person, though strong, is different. With children, it’s a natural bond to protect, guide and nurture. With the spouse, it’s an unexplainable draw of sensual attraction, love and devotion. Sibling love is entrenched in not just sharing parents, but also shared upbringing and values. With friendship, it’s the common interests you share.

Now the dynamism of the parent/child relationship lies in how it sort of flips over the years. As the children grow older, the parent becomes less of a protector and provider. The children end up becoming the protector, and in some cases, provider. Yet one thing doesn’t change, the love, it’s simply beautiful.

So which one is your favourite relationship? Parent/child, sibling relationship, friendship or is it the husband/wife relationship. I really love that one too. It’s baffling how two people of different orientations can come together and start something beautiful. It’s also one of the most difficult relationships to sustain. However, once gotten right, it is amazing. That is a discussion for another day…

Please share with me your favourite relationship and why. 👧🏽

Aunty Lulu.

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