I recently had to travel to Nigeria to launch my lovely gift book for mums – ‘mum my superhero’.

It was launched in Abuja and then a book reading and signing was done in Lagos Nigeria. It was a wonderful and action-packed 12 days for me and I’ll tell you all about it.

In case anyone is wondering what the whole fuss is about, is it not just this little book? You may be wondering… It’s more than just the book, it’s the hard work that was put into it from start to finish the self-doubt and all. Moreover, not only did I launch the book, but it was to me like the launch of the Aunty Lulu brand.

Reading Sessions

My trip included reading sessions at schools both in Lagos and Abuja. This was very important because I intend to develop a children’s series based on the characters in my book.

There was an interactive mum’s chat at the Lagos event. The panellists each spoke about the role of Mum as a confidante. How it changes with the children’s age and how to manage it when the children have spouses. Attendees asked general questions about parenting and I’m pretty sure every attendee learned something new.

Regulars on the blog will be familiar with Mo and her mum Tola, as their beautiful story was shared on the blog a few weeks ago. I had the pleasure of meeting both of them and all I can say is that Mo is a ray of sunshine.

Tola shared with us the work she’s been doing to create awareness about down syndrome in Nigeria. She shared some heartbreaking stories about how some of the children are treated. There certainly is a lot to be done about special needs education in Nigeria.

It was all great, a really wonderful experience and I remain grateful to God and really can’t thank all of you my friends, family and readers enough.

Based on how enriching the mum’s chat session was, I have decided to do a yearly program for mums to sit and talk. To hear and be heard, to teach and to learn. This yearly program is going to be called “I am Mum”. There’ll be something for every mum, stay home mum, working mum, single mum etc. Every mum is welcome.
I’ll tell you more about this event in the coming weeks.

Book Stockists

Please don’t forget to order your copy from me or any of these stockists; Amazon, Troubador, Gift Source Abuja, Tabitha Kids Abuja, Kwamuhle Lagos.

Thanks again for your support and always remember to leave a comment.

Aunty Lulu