To Bimbo with love

I often sit back and reflect on how much you’ve grown… You were such a happy go lucky young girl. I remember your wonderful time growing up in Ilorin with your siblings and cousins. I remember you playing games outside, riding your sister’s bike, climbing trees.

And I remember the beauty pageants and how you guys would turn the room upside down! You all fought to be Ms. Phillipines cause you thought they were always so pretty, but the older ones would always pick 1st so you would go for Ms. Venezuela.👯‍♀️

Secondary school

I remember how you insisted on going to a boarding school. You’ve always loved adventure and change. You were always in and out of boarding house though, this term a day student and then back to boarding. You finally settled well as a boarder in JSS 3.🛌

I think back with amusement on how you decided to go to science class, what folly🤣! You were under this laughable impression that smart people only do sciences, and you foolishly went to science class😜. Mathematics was like a mystery to you, and you actually thought physics and chemistry was a good idea?!🤔!

I also remember your result that first term in SS 1, physics and chemistry all red. The physics and chemistry classes where pure torture. You didn’t understand a word, I don’t think you got anything right in all the tests.😭

No one had to advise you before you made your way to Arts class, and what perfect fit🤗! You enjoyed Government, and your love for Literature was natural. You should have known that dear, remember your first poem in JSS2? Yes, I still remember, ‘Epitaph (even such is time)’, it struck you so much you wept about it during siesta that day.😪


I still remember the poems, ‘telephone conversation’ “the price seemed reasonable, location indifferent” 😎 lol, “The Pauper, Washerwoman’s prayers”, I could go on and on. You loved those poems and can still recite most of them.

Macbeth, the concubine and the other texts you studied, I remember how you enjoyed them. Looking back now, it was so obvious you should have studied English. Somewhere in that young mind you knew it and applied to study Mass communication at OAU, but you were not accepted. Interestingly you were accepted for English in Unilorin, but nothing would make you stay in Ilorin 😁, still don’t blame you though.

Back then, most people thought the big professions were Doctors, Architects, Lawyers, Engrs. etc. – how myopic 🙄. And so you went for Law👩‍🎓, you even did a post-graduate degree in Law.😝

If I could be that young you again, I would go for English. I think I’ll still go for it, its never too late.

Current Situation

You’ve done quite well dear, a lot of people now call you Abi, since you relocated, oh yes you now live in the UK, remember how you couldn’t wait to go back home after Grad school 😁. You have a legion of special Lil humans that call you Aunty lulu 😚, even your siblings and friends call you Lulu.

But you’re still very much Bimbo, your friends from way back still call you Bimbo. You still have the smile you have in this picture, yes, you still smile a lot and love a good laugh. You still love music and can still dance for days💃.

You are a mum now, yes you have 2 wonderful boys that call you mum. Come to think of it, you only have godsons🤔 (why are girls running from you 🤨) You married a fantastic gentleman.👨‍💼

The Lord has been good to you dear, you’ve grown so much, seen so much and learned so much, you’ve had your own share of sad occurrences (which you refuse to focus on) but you still remain the lovely Bimbo Adebayo.


8 thoughts on “To Bimbo with Love

  1. Nice one. Thinking back, the main thing is have told my much younger friend is relax!!!!! It used to seem like life was a struggle and I had to make life changing decisions like if the “brush” in my hair wasn’t neat enough, my life was over. Or that 1 time my underskirt was showing under my uniform was the end of the world! What of my been conflicted enough to return a Val’s gift cos my “FCS” people felt it was a sin. Meanwhile, most of them were in secret relationships. I wished I had thought less of other people’s opinions and just “rocked” to the max.

    1. Oh yes that too, we really did put so much ‘unnecessary’ pressure on ourselves. I loved to dance and would have liked to dance at one of the social nights, but pressure from school mothers etc didn’t let me! Fantastic advice and one I always make an effort to take myself, ‘relax’. So funny that you returned the vals gift

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