zoo visit

We had a family trip to the Paradise Wildlife Park, what an experience it was. I felt like I was visiting a zoo for the 1st time, my hubby had to tell me to calm down so many times😊.

The boys are big fans of Steve Backshall and know a lot about animals thanks to him and the Wild Kratts show, so they were also super excited as they dished out animal facts to us.

The Paradise Park is family owned, which makes it even more impressive. The animals are very well kept and the sizes are amazing! Pictures do them no justice. The cats were very big and active, I was in awe the whole time I was there.

How cute are snow Leopards 😍, then the red Pandas and I could go on and on. This has been my best zoo experience ever, and I can’t wait to go back. I intend to add the animal feeding experience when I go back though.

I thought the world of Dinosaurs would be lame, but was I wrong!  It was exciting, we really enjoyed it.

Need I say more, this zoo was fantastic, even the playground had the best swings, slides, and obstacle courses. 🤗

Definitely, a must visit for animal lovers.


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