Calendar 2019

I have really exciting news!

I must start by thanking you wonderful folks that have been reading this blog.

If you’ll recall, I mentioned that I started the blog because of a book project I’ve been working on. Another baby has come from this project, and it is the ‘Mum, my Super Hero’ 2019 calendar/planner.

I’m still going to write about my favourite purchases this year. However, my best purchase of the year without a doubt is my 2018 calendar/planner. I actually bought it 2nd quarter of this year. I’d noticed I was struggling with appointments and the boys missed a couple of birthday parties.

This made me miserable. I felt that as a stay home mum, there was no excuse to fail at such things!

I decided to get the calendar/planner and positioned it by my kitchen sink – where I spend a lot of time so that I always have to look through it.

Every month, I fill in the events we have, Dr’s appointments, birthday parties, family birthdays, school events etc. Even my husband now relies on the calendar 🤩!

Introducing ‘Mum, my superhero’ calendar.

The success of our family calendar/planner inspired me to work on mine, using my book ‘Mum, my superhero’ as the theme.

The calendars will be available for purchase here on the blog soon and my book will be out early next year.

Am super excited, emotional and so thankful. I hope you buy into the calendar/planner idea, most especially, the ‘Mum, my Super Hero’ calendar.

You’ll meet the mums from my book and maybe you can tell which character best describes you🤩. Most of us are all of them and more.

I worked with an amazing illustrator, the lovely Bennie Buatsie. I’ll tell you more about her later.

Thanks, everyone, for this audience thank you…..


We are all Superheros 😘.


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  1. Well done Abi
    It us often said that the best innovations come from frustrations with the status quo. This is definitely a useful tool and will save us all littering the house with lots of post it notes

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