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Today on Health Talk with Adeola I present this beautifully written spoken word poetry by Dr Leye Oginni on the Corona Virus (Covid-19). Oh yes, that was no mistake! Our elegant Dr Adeola is married to another doctor, a leader in this field too. You can read their ‘how we met story’ here.

how we met

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Oh, tiny bug of the RNA family;
Its etymology unsurprisingly a derivative of its morphology;
Crept silently into unsuspecting humans in Wuhan
Your cough is tough, causing dyspnoea and despair.

History has it that in World War 2, it was careless words that led to a mass loss of lives
Today, careless movements across the globe has helped spread an invisible microscopic enemy
Causing insidious annihilation without any weapon of mass destruction
Even leading to acute disruptions at sites of mass constructions.

Originally disregarded by some as a myth on the extreme,
But now well regarded in the mainstream
With pandemonium in the auditorium & Chaos in the kiosks
Resultant panic buying from the greedy separated them from the needy
The latter now waiting endlessly for groceries wishing they had sorceries to have acted earlier.

Presidents introducing unprecedented measures to reduce the pressure;
Most vibrant cities in desolation due to mandatory social distancing and self-isolation
Lockdown leading to shut down and an inevitable business rundown,
Looming in the bosom of some, is a consequential mental breakdown.

When the night is over and the light shines over
We will remember those gone ahead of us with a dose of the gun
The rest of us will pause to rest
And bond with the people we are fond of.
Couples will appreciate being alone together
And the society will once again value the unity of a family unit.

When the storm is finally over and clear clouds manoeuvre
Then we will appreciate the implications of our actions
Nations will realise no one is invincible in the hands of the invisible
The enduring memory of the mortality of the disease will help in ensuring we do not desist from seeking the Immortal.

©️ Leye Oginni
March, 2020.