health talk with Adeola

Maintaining health and preventing ill health.

Some factors we can’t modify, for example we can’t do anything about our age, sex, genetic-makeup ( eg family health history )and constitutional make up ( eg height ) : all these have non modifiable effects on our health but we can make little adjustments to other modifiable areas that can impact on our health .

The factors which are modifiable are :

What’s on the table ? Diet
How are we moving ? Exercise
Our waist line ? Weight
Our habits. ? Smoking /excessive alcohol use
Any downtime ? Relaxation
What’s on upstairs ? Mental health ?

Perfection is not possible but little positive changes in these aspects above can help maintain health , prevent ill health, improve current health problems , reduce the chance of adverse health outcomes and sustain the mind positively with improvement in overall well being .
Best of luck 😊

Thank you