Hello everyone, Happy New year! Hope you all had a great holiday?

My first post this year 🤩and we need to hit the ground running 😊. Remember, time waits for no one.

What better way to start the year than making moves to find our voice, that is for those of us who haven’t found it yet😊 .

How do you find your voice in a choking and saturated world?

I feel its imperative to start the year on a clean note. Dust yourself of all cobwebs, dirt and clogs from last year. Do not dwell on the mistakes, failures or almosts’ of last year. Learn from them of course, but please move on…It’s time to restrategise, and make things happen.

In today’s world, there is so much going on and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. There are so many distractions, especially on social media – which has now become an important part of our lives. Successes are shared every day and for certain people, it is very easy to feel dejected and out of place.

If like me, you never made the under 30 Forbes list and you’re past that age 🙁, don’t despair. According to Aristotle, ‘each human being is bred with a unique set of potentials that yearn to be fulfilled…”. You have everything in you, you only need to tap into yourself and find it. And there’s no better time than now 🤗!

The bible says that we are daily loaded with benefits. It also says in Deut 8:18 that the Lord gives us power to get wealth. So we all carry something useful, it’s up to us to find it. Thankfully, it’s never too late for anyone, there’s actually something really cool about late bloomers! Could it be their story or the mature way they handle success 🤔?

‘Late bloomers?’ you may say, Below is what I know about late bloomers.

Late bloomers?

Who are late bloomers and what does it even mean to bloom?

To bloom means to come into or to be in full beauty or health; to flourish.

A late bloomer is a person whose talents or capabilities are not visible to others until later than usual (wikipedia). Basically, they are people who have found success later in life.

A lot of people find themselves still looking for a spot at a time in their life when everyone around them is seemingly doing well. They could be individuals who are out of a job and are finding it difficult to find one, in a job that is not paying well and not fulfilling, women who are stay-home mums and trying to get back to work or start a business unsuccessfully etc.

It is important for people that find themselves in this group to take a step back, maybe check social media less, or whatever their distractions are, and focus on themselves, on trying to find what their purpose in life is. Once this is found, Boom🎇! A ‘late bloomer’ is born 🤑.

Harlan Davud Sanders (KFC founder)

How do you reach blooming stage?

  • Stay around inspirational/positive people that will encourage and give the right advice.
  • Stay away from news and literature or from watching programs that are not uplifting, but rather make you feel less.
  • Read literature that can help channel thoughts in the right direction and help bring out the best in them.
  • Determine interests and constraints. Try new things and make new relationships.
  • Take notes, write down your activities, thoughts, and ideas. This helps to keep track of likes, dislikes strengths etc. thereby knowing what to develop.
  • Improve yourself, try new things. From your notes about your thoughts and ideas, it can be a little easier to determine what you enjoy doing or are strong at etc. It is then important to develop whatever this is, you can take up a short course or training etc. Anything that can help you develop what your interests and strengths are.
Susan Boyle

Examples of late bloomers

It’s never too late to achieve your dream, never be discouraged, no one is too old to prosper. Here are examples of some late bloomers:

  1. Harlan David Sanders; Colonel Sanders founded the Kentucky Fried Chicken company at age65 and went on to become a multimillionaire.
  2. Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book ‘Little House in the big woods’ was published at age 65, it was based on her life. She wrote other successful books.
  3. Susan Boyle’s singing career didn’t kick off till after her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent at the age of 47.
  4. Alan Rickman made it big as an actor at age 42, he did not give up on his dream and did little jobs in the industry until he made it.
  5. Vera Wang was a competitive figure skater and a journalist and worked as accesories design director at Ralph Lauren before becoming a bridal designer at the age of 40. She is globally known now and a leading major bridal fashion designer because she did not limit herself.
  6. Julia Child, one of America’s most iconic TV chefs and author didn’t even learn to cook until she was 36 years old.
  7. Stan Lee of the Marvel fame didn’t create any of his characters till after the age of 38. His characters are today the subjects of big grossing movies. Until his death, made an appearance in all his movies.
Vera Wang

Even father Abraham was a late bloomer 😊.

Anna Wintour, Bryan Cranston, Cristina Hendricks, Jane Lynch, J.K. Rowling, Sylvester Stallone, Vincent Van Gogh, Martha Stewart, John Slattery, John Hamm, Melissa McCarthy, Samuel L Jackson, Idris Elba, Jessica Chastin… I could go on and on!

So what’s stopping you? Age, hardship, depression, rejection? You can rise above all that, they should actually challenge you – not stop you. People may write you off, but please do yourself the favour of not writing yourself off!

Be ready to make sacrifices, sometimes you have to give up luxury, security, convenience and what not – to get where you should be. Never be afraid of criticisms, build on them.

Don’t be scared to change careers, take risks, be adventurous, if the heart beats for it, go for it. If you’ve had a successful career or business and it suddenly collapses, don’t be put off trying something else, it could even be bigger than what you had previously, this was the case for the KFC founder.

Do not hide away in self-doubt or self-pity, you are responsible for your life. Your dream and your destiny is yours, don’t let anyone take it from you, it is your responsibility to nurture it, to bring it to life.

Don’t be afraid of failure, try that thing that gives you joy, even if people will laugh at 1st. They did at Susan Boyle initially until she found the courage to try again.

There is no deadline for success, sing that song, write that story, take the course, start the business. Wherever the itch is, take some time and give it a good scratch, I hope you find great relief 😊.

As long as you have life, go for it……

I wish you nothing but joy and success in this new year…

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