Miniseries for the wim

I watched the last episode of ‘The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair’ last night and I was really surprised at how the¬†drama unfolded. It was very¬†intriguing¬†from the start, very close to how I felt when watching ‘The Night Of’.

I could go on and on name dropping really great¬†mini-series that I’ve seen lately!


Is there a tv take-over?

I unwind daily by settling with hubby to catch up on our numerous Tv shows.

The shows keep getting better and better and we’re seeing more of the big movie stars on tv now. I suspect this is happening because of the following reasons;

  1. The stories are more original and can be twisted or changed in a different direction. They have enough time to develop characters.
  2. Production is getting better, the sets are bigger, some as big as a movie set. An example is Game of Thrones.
  3. Viewers connect more with characters from Tv shows because of the length of time involved.
  4. Television screens are also getting better with better visuals and display. The surround system for most televisions are fantastic, and you can have a movie experience in the comfort of your home with a good sound system.
  5. Most movies these days are more appealing to teenagers and young adults leaving a gap for our generation which Tv is gladly filling.
  6. The arrival of Netflix, Amazon and other similar companies, have made it more attractive. You can get access to Tv shows and watch all episodes at once. They are also now commissioning their own shows and spending a lot of money on production too an example is House Of Cards’.
  7. The cable companies are also making movies available on different packages or rental, making everything available at our convenience.

Though we still find time to go to the cinema with the kids, we prefer to watch our movies at home now, just like tv shows – which I love so much, especially the mini-series. It helps that you can record the shows and watch at once.

I have little¬†patience for watching weekly episodes, so we record¬†and watch it all at the end of the season. We just stay away from news about the¬†shows to avoid spoilers. There are so many of them now, so there’s always something to watch.

So, what do you like watching, I like GOT, walking dead, the affair, Ray Donovan, Billions….¬†too many to mention.


What’re you watching😉