The recently concluded 10th edition of the African Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) was a resounding success, not only in terms of fashion but also planning and production.

Let’s start with the perfomances.

The line-up was very impressive, from the legendary Congolese Makosa crooner, Awilo Logomba to the rare performance of the classic ‘Love me jeje@ by Seyi Sodimu and Shaffy Bello. Then we had chart toppers, Kcee, Chike and Adekunke Gold. I thought it was a lovely line-up.

Moments on Stage

I didn’t attend the award but I got to see a few clips. There were so many great moments, the presenters were well co-ordinated. I.K Osakioduwa performed his usual hoisting magic as he expertly anchored the event (still the best MC as far as I’m concerned). The recipients gave lovely speeches and everything was nice and gay.

Now, my favourite moment was when Idowu Philips (lya Rainbow) was given her achievement award. How cool was it that some of the actors from the Yoruba part of the industry escorted her on stage? O ye won, it was a well-befitting honour and knowing her body of work, I’m glad she witnessed this honourable moment as she also pointed in her speech.

The Winners

The aftermath of any award show anywhere in the world is never one of 100% satisfaction. People will always grumble as to who should have won and who was robbed. This year’s AMVCA’s was no different especially the Best Actress and Best Movie Category.

Having seen most of the nominated movies, I have to give Nollywood some accolades on the quality of the movies been churned out lately. The best actor and actress categories were very tight, all of the nominees were brilliant in their roles and the winners were deserving. I don’t believe anyone was robbed.

A Tribe Called Judah is a Good movie, I enjoyed watching it. Funke Akindele is without a doubt a brilliant filmmaker. Uzo Arukwu’s performance stood out for me. The movie got me emotional, however, one minute I’m tearing up, Uche’s character would just show up and am laughing the next minute. He should have gotten a nomination for supporting actor, he was brilliant.

As much as I enjoyed it, it has nothing over Breadth of Life or even The Black Book. The right movie won. I need to watch Over the Bridge though, who has seen it? Is it any good, where can I watch it?

Now let’s talk fashion!

The invitees showed up in one fabulous outfit after the other. The fashion from this event was amazing, a nod to the creative fashion houses we have in Nigeria.

I have tried to group our fashionistas by designer and we will be starting with the uber-talented Veekee James.

Veekee James

There’s no better place to start than with our delectable ladies in Veekee James. Veekee’s creative juice was overflowing for the AMVCA and I think this outing will bring her international recognition. A few of our designers like TopeFNR and Tabik have had international successes but I think Veekee will be joining the list with this successful outing.

Toke Makinwa

Toke’s look is very Avant Garde. Her styling was perfect, hair, make-up, and jewellery all worked together to create a stunning look. I will give Toke a 9/10 as this is close to perfection but for that front swirl.

I would love to see her outfit without that front swirl that is almost covering her face. Her look would have been even more exquisite without it. ( i think). My opinion however takes nothing from her being one of the best dressed. Amazing look.

Osas Ighodaro

Osas is always one to watch on the red carpet and did she deliver or what? What a dress, Veekee is one talented designer and she had the right muse to work on. She stands out in this dress and I’ll give her 9.5/10

Tomike Adeoye

In comes Tomike in yet another stunning Veekee piece. Tomike’s look is a cross between playful and serious which is just perfect for her role as a host on the red carpet. Whilst her outfit is giving, her hair is not. I will give her an 8/10. I feel the train also took something from her outfit, she could have done without it.

Uche Montana

Veekee let the exquisite fabric do most of the work here and I’m all for it. It’s a very simple style, the clever use of the fabric is amazing. The styling works perfectly giving the fabric and her silhouette all the attention. 8/10

Funke Akindele

Clean and classy is what comes to mind on sighting Funke in this look. I like this on her, it gives an aura of the powerful leading lady she is. It’s Good to see a Veekee dress that is not too sultry 😁. Hair, make-up, accessories 👌🏾. Go Funke, you rock. 8/10

Thoughts on the AMVCA 2024 Fashion and Awards.

Emagine by Bukola

Our next group are wearing Emagine by Bukola. Another super talented designer based in Lagos.

Beauty Tukura

Beauty is a vision of Beauty in this delicate-looking dress. Her styling is fabulous, everything gelling wonderfully to deliver an enchanting look. I wish I could see the dress properly though, the photoshoot styling is too much, and it’s quite distracting. All in all, Beauty looks fabulous. 9/10

Moet Abebe

Moet looks gorgeous. Hair, make-up, and accessories all complement the dress. The best I’ve seen her. 8/10

Idia Aisien

Idia looks really nice even though the bumper coat is not necessary, I think it takes away from the beauty of the dress hence my using this photo. Styling and make-up were not bad, a different purse would have worked better though. 7.5/10


Another lovely coral look. Enado used the right accessories and her hair and make-up accentuated her look. Why do they like trains though? I feel trains belong on wedding dresses, and I’ll rather have a wedding veil than a train. 8.5/10


Our next set of damsels are wearing another talented Nigerian designer Somo.

Bisola Aiyeola

BIsola looks stunning. Styling ✅✅✅✅ 9/10.

Roseline Afije (Liquorose)

The ladies are not playing at all, Liquorice looks so beautiful. I would have done without that Silver triangle add-on though, (I think I’m very boring 🙈) 8/10

Mimi Yina – Medlinboss

Medlin is one of the most popular stylists in the industry therefore her style always has to be top-notch. She’s wearing my favourite colour and she has styled her outfit very well.

For an invitee, her dress seems over the top for me 🤷🏾‍♀️. There is fashion/redcarpet etiquette, and one of it is ‘know your role and dress accordingly’. At award ceremonies, the nominees and the presenters usually don the attention grabbing outfits. I think I’ll write a blog on this 🤔. Mimi looks nice. 7/10

Omowunmi Dada

Omowunmi has been consistent on the red-carpet making her one to look out for at events. She has done it again, she looks amazing. 9/10


Both Vicnate ladies ooze glamour, Nigeria is blessed with the best creatives! This is one designer I love.

Eku Edewor

PInk, diamonds and the perfect chignon, all is well in fashion heaven. This is my kind of style, understated elegance. She looks sexy without even trying too hard. 9/10

Bimbo Akintola

A lady in a class of her own, I apologise for not getting her picture in colour. She looked so elegant. 8/10


Yet another talented designer, Ann Cranberry styled 2 of our ladies. Let’s see what they have for us.

Adunni Ade

Adunni went for Old Hollywood glamour and she nailed it. This is such a beautiful look, so pristine. 8.5/10

Lala Akindoju

I am not a fan of ball gowns but I like this one. Lala wears it so well and the styling works really well with the dress. Lovely look from Lala. 8/10


Erica Moore styled three of our ladies.

Yvonne Jegede

Yvonne looks nice but I’m not a fan of this look. I would have liked the dress better in black or even some colour , red or orange cones to mind. The flowers at the back are not helping, so distracting! 7/10

Toyin Abraham

I like Toyin’s dress, it’s really nice and actually looks Good on her, that doesn’t happen everyday 🤐.

It could have done without the train though (yes I’ve come again with my dislike of trains😉). The dress is nice but the styling doesn’t do it any justice. Toyin however, looks nice. 7/10

Laura Kanu

Laura looks so beautiful. The choker and pixie cut gives a 90’s hiphop vibe which somehow works well with her evening wear.

The frills are a tad bit much for me, I don’t think the one attached to the hand is necessary. My thoughts aside, Laura looks good. 7.5/10

Thoughts on the AMVCA 2024 Fashion and Awards..

Becca Needles and Stiches

Let’s see what our next designer and her muses have to offer…

Bimpe Adegbite – MoBimpe

Her husband was a best actor nominee, how else do you show your husband you’re proud of him than by dressing to impress. Bimpe had a Good idea and she looked Good, her execution wasn’t 100% though. I wish she’d gone with a more elegant veil, the faux fur is too heavy. Her choice of footwear could have been different – perhaps a lovely strappy/jeweled sandal rather than the pointed toe foot wear 🤔what do you think? 7/10

Eniola Badmus

What in the special delivery is going on here? Eniola got her hair and make-up right but not so much the outfit. I’m not a fan of this look. 6/10

Tianna Styling.

I don’t think I can ever stop gushing about Toyin Lawani’s creativity and talent! She makes the most creative outfits but they are not for the red carpet, except its some kind of costume themed event.

Caroline Danjuma

Look at my Caro o. I love me some Caro, thanks to RHOL, but what in the little mermaid is she wearing!🤯 I love how her and Toyin have made up, beht Sis, you don’t have to wear her brand to show us you’re now friends again now! And if you must wear her brand, both of you should have come with a classy outfit now!
Her hair and make-up is beautiful but for that outfit (sighs). 5/10

Eniola Ajao

I don’t even know where to start, you people should be running from Tiannah for red-carpet looks, she will use you to do practicals 😂😂😂. One can’t deny the creativity that went into this though, well done Tiannah, you need to get into Hollywood. 5/10

Solo ladies

Our next set of beauties are riding solo and we’re not complaining.

Thoughts on the AMVCA 2024 Fashion and Awards.

Nana Akua Addo in Yartel

Nana is known for her avant-garde style, you can never miss her on any red-carpet she graces. Her outfits always stand out. This one is giving futuristic and it still manages to be sexy. Her styling is perfect, hair, accessories, make-up, all align to give Nana a look to remember. 10/10

Thoughts on the AMVCA 2024 Fashion and Awards.

Chioma Ikokwu in Weiz Dhurm Franklyn.

I think Chioma is the perfect muse for Weizdhurmfranklyn, they get each other’s style and no one rocks his pieces like Chioma. This is flawless, really the whole look! With Chioma fashion is hardly ever boring, it is usually over the top for me, but I like this one. 10/10

Thoughts on the AMVCA 2024 Fashion and Awards..

Nini Singh in Queen Frank

The bodice of this dress is just fantastic. It fits Nini like a glove and all was going well until we looked down! 🙊

Why in the world would the designer drape the tail with such tacky fabric! It just cheapens the look, I feel like yanking it off . 7/10

Thoughts on the AMVCA 2024 Fashion and Awards.

Kehinde Bankole in Lamee Clothings

Kehinde looks okay, the dress is nice but quite basic. She was a nominee who eventually won in her category, I was expecting some vavavoom 😊. 7/10

Simi Drey in Mide

Simi described her look as edgy and elegant and we all say, YAYYYY. She looks stunning. 8/10

Thoughts on the AMVCA Fashion and Awards.
Thoughts on the AMVCA Fashion and Awards.

Dorcas Shola Fapson in Deji and Kola

DSF is actually not the only guest rocking this brand as you will find out later, she is however, the only lady in Deji and Kola and she is repping the band in style.

A tuxedo with a train, kind of reminds me of Tomike’s look but I prefer this train. It’s an interesting look. I likeeee. 8/10

Stephanie Coker in Tamz Couture

Remember what I mentioned earlier about fashion/red-carpet etiquette? Stephanie gets it. She’s a host on the redcarpet and her dressing is perfect for it. It’s girly, flirty and fun. Now her styling takes the outfit to another level. her hair and shoes take the look from playful to classy. I don’t even know if that makes any sense 😁. I’m here for this look 😍.8.5/10

Thoughts on the AMVCA Fashion and Awards.

Dolapo Oni in Tubo

How classy dies Dolapo look in this outfit. She is another person that understand fashion etiquette, she’s not in competition with the leading ladies of the night but she can give them a run for their money. 8/10

Thoughts on the AMVCA Fashion and Awards.

Next we have more solo ladies, but the ones I’m not really digging their looks.

Uche Jombo and Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo’s outfit is a mess as so is her hair. She is wearing Mubrik and it’s not giving what it should be giving. 4/10

Uche is wearing Okoro Dozie and there’s just something about this outfit that is off! I think it’s the frills. The green ribbon the frills at the bottom cheapens the look. Her hair and make-up look nice though. 5/10

Fathia Williams and Tacha

Aunty Fathia is wearing Pearls Bridals and she was styked by Medlin.

What’s with this cheap looking frills and this red-carpet! Her dress would have been okay without them. Now her hair 🙊, wharrapen? Who did this to our beautiful Aunty Fathia?! 4.4/10

Tasha is in Abbas Woman and I’m confused 😕. Why is her shoulder carrying a corset?

You know when they say less is more, its because if outfits like this. It could have been nice but too many unecceassary add-ons, it looks like something out of Alice in wonderland. Her hair and make-up look good though. 5/10.

Tasha was styled by Medlin Boss.

Tana Adelana and Genoveva Umeh

Tana is wearing Glamgirl Sefiya and she was styled by Medlin. I can see she was going for a really glam look, kind of like an old ckaddic but I think the choice of fabric spoilt the look. She looks nice though. 7/10.
Medlin’s styling for this event has been underwhelming

Genoveva is wearing Soro Aso. Her look is very interesting, I would have liked to see something more glamorous since she’s a nominee, but she’s young and she’s genZ, you know they don’t like stress 😁. 6/10

Let’s have it for the boys

The men were not left out of the fashion frenzy, we saw one dapper look after another, we even spotted some edgy ones. It was fun seeing what the guys had to offer. Come with me…

Deji and Kola

We have seen an outfit from this brand on Ms DSF. She was however, not the only one rocking Deji and Kola. Quite a number of the men represented the brand

The best of the men in Deji and Kola (for me) is Chidi Mokeme. Our original screen favourite has made a comeback to Nollywood in style. Egbon has not lost his sex appeal at all.

Whilst I like the other gents’ look, they are not giving me what they should because of the stones and embellishments. Suits, tuxedos and the likes should give a classy clean look, these add-ons take away from it, please do away with the stones and crystals🙏🏾.

Alex Ekubo 6/10. Why all that shineshine, let’s call him shineshine bobo 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️.

Timini Egbuson 7/10

Love me some Etim Effiong, beht why? The yellow, the stones, nah. 6/10

Chidi Mokeme, uncle still got it, maybe we need to look for Omotara Johnson to deal with him small (who remembers that movie 😄) 9/10

Tobi Bakare is oozing some masculine energy and I love it. 8/10

Dare’s look is hella good, but are those stones or what do I even call them 🤦🏾‍♀️. He looks Good though . 8/10.

Thoughts on the AMVCA 2024 Fashion and Awards.

Richard Mofe Damijo is our Zaddy in his rich outfit. He was a Life time Achievement award recipient, and he nailed his look. 10/10

Mai Atafo

Mai Atafo is no stranger to the red carpet as he is one of the best menswear designer in the country.

Who’s the dude in Polka dot, is that 👀, is that Ebuka (reaches for spectacles) 😁. I’m not feeling this look mehn. 6/10

I.K Osakioduwa always wears Mai Atafo and he always nails his look. 8/10

Thoughts on the AMVCA 2024 Fashion and Awards.

Akin Fanimu must live fashion because how can someone get it right all the time? Did I say that embellishments don’t belong on suits and tuxedos? I take it back. This is a look and more 😍. 10/10 please.

Two interesing looks, quite similar yet different. Chike is wearing Emmy Kasbit and I like it. 8/10

Doesn’t Larry Hector remind you of a Matado 😃. He is wearing Nwosu 7/10

David Eyo looks dapper in TWIF (The way it fits). The look is almost flawless. 9.5/10

Saga Deolu is channeling his inner Ken in Ladel. He is a brave man. 7/10

I’ll finish up with these two traditional looks.

Lateef Adedimeji in La baelo. The look is rich, a nice cross between traditional and contemporary. I love it. 8.5/10

Femi Adebayo also looks good, a regal look for a winner. I find the look boring though, we see this at owanbe parties every weekend or even at church. 7/10

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